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Friday Drive-by (19)

RANDOM BULLETS: Friday Drive-by (19) Northwest Oklahoma City Campus: “N-dub”

  • Our 1 year Anniversary Celebration will be March 29th and 30th

  • Scott Rodgers from the Mesa Campus has joined the “N-dub” team.

My Life:

  • I have the flu and I have to perform a wedding tomorrow.

  • My wife and I went to see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.

  • Thanks for your prayers, I can’t tell whether I am getting better or worse.

Featured Blogger, Frequent Commenter:  Solshine is the featured blogger this week. Check out her blog: Think Virtue 

Comment of the Week: Alonso on post: The Grass Is Always Greener… he said:  “Es porque ellos cuidan supasto, y nosotros no.”  I had to use this translation site to know what he was talking about.  Everyone should go to Alonso’s site and post comments in English and at least say “What’s Up!” 

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American Idol:  Overall these contestants are not very good; David Archuleta is the only one that is consistent.  Let’s go ahead and make him American Idol. 

Politics:  After stating that the first thing that he would do as President is get the troops out of Iraq; Obama then said “If Al Qaeda established a base in Iraq, that he would send troops back in militarily.”  Are you kidding me?  Hello Earth to Obama, Earth to Obama, Al Qaeda already has a base in Iraq, It’s called Al Qaeda in Iraq.  Got Questions: 

  1. When was the last time that you thanked your Pastor and told them they were doing a good job?
  2. Are you currently reading any good books or blogs?
  3. Any thoughts on Super Dooper Dooper Tues. March 4th?

Super Dooper Tuesday!

It is Super Dooper Tuesday and it’s time for our nation to speak loud and clear on the direction for our country.  I am going to the polls bright and early this morning; I always enjoy chatting with the elderly crew that operates my polling place. There are so many unknown questions that will be answered today; here are just a few:

  • Will the Kennedy’s endorsement help or hurt Obama?
  • Will the $35 million of Romney’s own money spent on his campaign pay off?
  • Will the South jump-start Huckabee?
  • Will the Rush Limbaugh train against McCain work?
  • Will theClinton’s follow another Bush to the White House?
  • Will the Oprah train in California steal the women voters from Billary?
  • Will Romney even win his home state of Mass.?
  • Will McCain’s record of partnering with Democrats help or hurt? 

There are so many questions to be answered and so many questions to be asked.   

What are some of the unknown questions that you have regarding the elections?  Will you go to the polls today, if so what state?  Any predictions? I already made my prediction about a month ago, you can read it here 

Share your thoughts on Super Dooper Tuesday!

Billary and Obama take the Gloves Off

Friday Drive-by (15) Random Bullets


Hillary and Bill have been taking some serious pot-shots and they appear to be taking the gloves off.  BTW- The term “taking the gloves off” is goofy.  The race card is coming out and some divisiveness is beginning to occur between the proclaimed First Black President and the potential First Black President.  This thing is getting interesting and will get ugly…. Read more here. “N-dub”

Last week I told you that “Something is in the Air” and this past weekend we had record attendance with 2,511 people, 61 baptisms and 33 people giving their lives to Christ… did I mention that we are only 9 months old.  God is Good…

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Comment of the Week: on post, I have a Dream: “Dr. King may be dead, but the author of his dream isn’t.” Jimmy Paravane

What New Books I’m Reading: Human Sigma, Quiet Strength, Lead Like Jesus & Communicating for a Change

Tough Questions:

  1. Obama said tongue and cheek that Oprah would be his Vice-President…. What are your thoughts on Oprah as the V.P., discuss?
  2. Can Mitt Romney as a Mormon be the President of the United States?
  3. As a former President, is Bill Clinton over stepping his boundaries in Hillary’s Campaign?

Have a great weekend & thanks for reading!  BigIsTheNewSmall

The First Black President

obama.jpgThere are several things that people say you shouldn’t talk about and I am going to talk about all three of them: Race, Politics and Religion.  These subjects can get kinda’ sticky, because people are just uncomfortable going there.  I have friends in the blogsphere who have been obliterated for appearing to support particular causes or candidates….   This can be a slippery slope especially as a pastor and leader of a congregation.  Okay blah blah blah, disclaimer, disclaimer. 

I’ll share some of my brief history and political experience because I know that God used those seasons to prepare me for what I’m doing today.  I have been a lobbyist, political activist, national political delegate, advisor to gubernatorial candidate, political consultant…….  In other words “Been there, done that!” 

You can mark it down on your calendar and take it to the bank; Barack Obama will be the next President and First Black President.  I don’t want you to get confused and think that I am supporting Obama; as a matter of fact, as of right now I will tell you straight-up that I am not voting for him.  I could have several series of posts about “Why Not”; however that’s not my agenda, purpose or season.  Here are the “Obama” momentum facts:

  • Obama spanks Hillary in Iowa
  • Bush, Gore and Kerry all won the Iowa Caucuses
  • According to polls, a large percent of the U.S. is Anti-Bush and ready for change
  • Republicans don’t have a chance this election, due to Anti-Bush sentiment
  • Obama attracts a broad demographic of voters
  • He’s talking moderation red state/blue state, republican/democrat
  • He has the sexy, Hollywood, articulate and minority factor…
  • He’s got the “O-Factor”, that would be Oprah

If you want to see part of Obama’s victory speech, you can see it here. Wow, I didn’t think the day would come this soon; in which I would say that we will have a Black President.  Not only will we have a Black President; I won’t be voting for him. 

Are we going to have The First Black President?  Share your thoughts!  Wow that’s a loaded question!  If you don’t want to go there; simply comment “No Thanks!”

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