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The One Simple Thing I Wish The Voting Public Would Do

one-thingThis election is absolutely crazy. It’s not the first time we’ve had a crazy election; however it’s the odds on favorite to go down in history as the craziest ever.

Many say this is the craziest ever because we have two really flawed political candidates and feel like it’s a “lesser of two evils” election. A political system with flawed candidates is nothing new; however the 24 hour uninterrupted access to digital media accentuating their flaws is new. Social media, print media, television and conversations. We wake up we see it, we go to sleep we see it, we try to avoid it and an unexpected conversations pops up and there it is again.

I honestly could care less that people disagree, let me rephrase that: it’s a beautiful thing that in America we are allowed to disagree. I wish that we could embrace the notion that we can disagree and still be agreeable. Let’s face it, we live in a world that is more moved by scandal, tabloid, gotcha and pointing out flaws than we are anything of substance, good will and kindness.

I wish we could do this one simple thing.

My voting friends, if there was one simple thing that I wish the voting public would do, that’s focus on what you are for instead of what you are against. It doesn’t require much effort to point out flaws, disagreements and how much of an idiot candidate A&B are… those sound bites are readily available to you all day long. On the other hand, focusing on what you are for, rather than what you are against requires some critical thinking, some research, some inner-dialogue and personal belief wrestling.

As a leadership consultant one of the easiest areas to uncover as it relates to culture and organizational flaws is an organization filled with people, especially at the leadership level who always know the problems but rarely or never bring solutions. I like to say it this way, for every one problem you bring to the table, I want to see three solutions. That’s where the magic happens, complaints begin to diminish and solutions begin to take front and center stage. 

The next time you find your self in political debate and you or the person you are talking to begins to go off about their dislike of their opposing candidate preference. Ask them one simple question, “What is it that you like about your candidate?” crickets

I wish the voting public would do one simple thing and that’s focus on what they are for instead of what they are against. If you personally commit to doing this, it may just change your perspective and even better it may encourage and change the minds of those around you. 

Stuart Scott’s ESPYS Speech “Never Give Up”

This is awesome and inspiring. Well done Stuart Scott.

The Most Awesome Next Best Thing

I often hear people say how awesome something is, how it’s the next best thing, how you don’t want to miss it because it’s “The Most Awesome Next Best Thing.” Be careful making everything the next best, biggest, most awesome thing… Why? If every thing is the next best thing, then nothing is good at all.

Admit It… You’re Wrong!!!

wrong 2Failing to admit you’re wrong doesn’t make you right. It doesn’t make the mistake go away and it doesn’t mean people will assume that you had good intentions.

The willingness to admit that you’re wrong is a huge key to success for any leader, business, parent, organization, marriage etc. Unfortunately, folks expend gargantuan amounts of energy avoiding the admittance of the fact that they were wrong, trying cover up their wrongs and hoping their wrongs will somehow make a right. One, two or three wrongs don’t make a right; however the admittance of a wrong is definitely a gigantic step in the right direction.

Failing To Admit That You’re Wrong is just wrong and it’s an ultimate roadblock to success. Acknowledge, Admit, Correct and Proceed.

Share your thought and experiences with the effects of this.

10 Things You Need To Stop and Start Doing

stop 2Stop focusing on what people think about you and start focusing on what God thinks about you.

Stop majoring in the minors and start majoring in the majors.

Stop making excuses about why you can’t make it happen and start making it happen.

Stop settling and start demanding.

Stop pointing out the negatives and start pointing out the positives.

Stop putting things of until tomorrow and start doing them today.

Stop looking in the mirror and saying I can’t and start looking in the mirror and saying I can.

Stop looking backwards and start looking forwards.

Stop being fearful and start being fearless.

Stop believing the worst and start believing the best.

Stop it, Stop it, Stop it…


What needs to be added to this list?


Your Temper Is A Knife and You Hold The Blade

Temper, Temper, Temper, Temper…

I am inspired to write a post this morning about the affects of a bad temper after my son’s football game last night. It was an amazing 2 hr. and 10 minute, triple overtime epic battle 9 year old’s that resulted in a loss for our team. During the 3rd overtime one of our players that is known to have a temper, totally lost his temper. The result was him being rejected from the game.

This young man has played with my son on several other teams, so I had a relationship with him. I sat on the sidelines and talked to him about his temper and control. I encouraged him to use his “passion” in a positive manner, talked about alternative ways to behave and talked about how tempers generally hurt the person with the temper more than it does anyone else.

“Your temper is a knife that you hold by the blade.”

I don’t know how many leaders, bosses, husbands, wives, public figures, athletes, kids… that have been taken out because they are holding the blade of a nasty temper. We can try to point children in a different direction, call their behavior passion in order to find a positive spin and help them to get it under control. Adults on the other hand must take responsibility and put down the knife. If they don’t put the knife down now, it will only snowball into a huge machete that can no longer be hidden and it will cut them every time they turn around.

Your temper will take you out You are going to take yourself out if you don’t let go of your temper.

Share your thoughts, experiences and observations on the negative repercussions of a temper and your thoughts on the knife analogy.

Sam Presti Talks About James Harden Trade

A Place Where Young Boys Are Raised To Be Young Men

In my world, the barbershop affectionately known as “The Black Barbershop” is not just a place you go to receive a haircut – it’s a place that you get information, culture, talk about hot-button issues and a place the word of God is preached. The barbershop is also a place where young boys are raised up to be young men. It’s also where elderly men pour their gray-haired wisdom into the next generation.

I take my boys to the barbershop each and every week… I have done this since each of their 1st birthdays. It’s an experience, it’s what we do, it’s where teachable moments occur and one of the places that I raise my young boys to be young men.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law passed away at the very young age of 52 years old. He lost a quick battle with cancer. He was a great man of God, loved the Lord and is with Jesus right now. He leaves behind my sister, my 16 year old nephew and my 14 year old niece.

I flew into Houston last night to spend some time with my family, before they head to Wichita for the funeral. As my sister continues to make service arrangements, I’m going to take my nephew to the barbershop this morning here in Houston. This is something that he and his father “Donnie McKnight” (RIP) would do on a regular basis as well. The barbershop is one of the places where young boys are raised up into young men.

As I made plans for the barbershop I was informed that the barber here in Houston viewed my brother-in-law as a mentor and a father figure. Remember the barbershop is a place where young boys are raised up to be young men.

Everyone raises young boys to be young men in different ways, shapes forms and fashions. In my world one of those places is the barbershop. I need to finish this post, so I can take my nephew to the barbershop.

What unique places and ways have you seen young boys be raised up to me young men? 

Sex, Lust and XXX – Free E-Book On Purity

My good friend Chris Spradlin has released a new e-book that is currently available for FREE Download. The book is a candid look at how to fight for purity for our kids in a sex saturated world. I think the title says it all “Sex, Lust and XXX.” Download it now, read it and be sure to check out his daily posts over at 

10 Signs It May Be Time To Move On!

Often times people are assessing their jobs, roles, calling, family, life… by asking themselves the following question over and over: “Should I stay or should I go, Should I stay or should I go?” This is a such a great question and the more often we can come to a timely and right answer to that question, the better off we will be.

“Moving On” doesn’t only apply to your job or work, but also relationships and other commitments. This is a constant tension for entrepreneurs, working moms, over-working dads and the list goes on and on. Below I have outlined what I consider to be 10 Signs or Reasons It May Be Time To Move On.


  • 1. You get an upset stomach every morning on your way to work.
  • 2. At-least once a week you think the following thoughts “If so and so does (_blank__) again today I’m going to quit.”
  • 3. You’ve asked God for signs that it’s time to move on and HE has spoken to you through people, places, circumstances, His Word… in other-words you’ve heard its time to move on from God in every way besides hearing His audible voice.
  • 4. You can’t find anyone within a square mile radius of your job that you like, trust or believe in.
  • 5. Your boss has said to you “It may be time for you to move on!”
  • 6. You are 100% certain that you could have a bigger impact, be happier, put your family in a better situation etc. by moving on and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear or that un-almighty-dollar.
  • 7. You tell yourself, your spouse and your friends on a regular basis that it’s time to move on and they agree.
  • 8. When you hear the phrase “Dim The Lights” or see an American Idol Contestant sent home, you begin envision greener pastures for yourself. You then draw parallels to yourself being in the Top 10 and imagine how being kicked out of your workplace will be better for you.
  • 9. March Madness is the terminology that you use to describe your workplace during the month of March. You also think of the Final Four as being a countdown to the number of days before you put in your two week notice.
  • 10. You’ve read through the 9 signs above and said to yourself “That’s the confirmation that I needed.”

Life brings us many seasons and we have to be prepared for each and every one of them. There is always a “Time To Stay” and a “Time To Go.” Many people are absolutely supposed to stay exactly where they are; however there is a percent who should definitely Go.

“Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.” ~Donald Trump

Whatever decision you make, don’t merely make it on emotions alone. Seek wise counsel and make it a family decision. Don’t be the miserable person sitting around saying “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda but never Dida!”

Shh, be quiet & listen to God’s Whispers. “Move On!”

Share your stories, perspective & thoughts on moving on.  What are other signs that it may be time to move on?

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