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Top 4 Productivity Tools

There are tons of tools to keep you and your small business productive. I’m always trying new apps and new things, but I seem to land on the same ones every time. Below are a some of my favorite productivity and organization tools for individuals, solopreneurs and small business owners. They are really for anyone that wants efficiency and organization in their daily operations.

I figured I’d just show the videos for Evernote and Neatdesk, as they can communicate the potential of these applications better than I can.



Evernote is universal and hands down one of the simplest tools out there. I am a fan of Evernote and the evernote clipper plugin tool for Google Chrome is awesome.


NeatDesk is by far the best real document organization tool ever. I don’t care whether you are organizing recipes, business cards, notes, statements, receipts… I had the original NeatReceipts and it was cool and it’s portable enough for me to carry with me. The NeatDesk for Mac takes it a whole nutha’ level… it’s ridiculous. I 100% guarantee you will appreciate it and Uncle Sam will as well.


CardMunch is one of my favorite apps. It’s really simple, you take a business card, take a pic of it with your camera, submit it, it uploads all of the name, contact and title information along with a pic of the business cards to your contacts. Yes it’s that easy and yes it works. I have had this app for awhile, sometime last year LinkedIn bought it, so it’s now connected to LinkedIn. That doesn’t affect the usability of the app at all. I basically gather a bunch of cards, when I find a spare moment I scan them all in and throw them away. Easy, Breezy!


I have had this SoundNote app for years, originally it was called SoundPaper; however SoundNote is probably a better descriptor. The short and skinny of this app is it allows you to take notes and record audio at the same time. Once you are finished taking notes, you can simply tap your notes and it will take you to that part of the audi recording. Great for meetings, conferences etc.

Share your thoughts and experiences with these products. What are some of your favorite productivity tools? 

Got Receipts 4 (of 4)

Forget receipts today!  Which payment type is your preferred method for your daily purchases?  Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card or Other?  I’m not sure what Other would be; however I just thought it would be a good additional option!

Got Receipts? 3 (of 4)

Business or Location:

  • Atlanta Braves (Turner Field):   Aramark Sports & Entertainment

The Receipt: Check #4084

  • $5.25    Large Soda          
  • $7.00    Georgia Dog    
  • $6.75    Chili CHZ Fries
  • $19.00  TOTAL

The Experience: 

  • My wife and I split this meal of course.  The extra-long all beef Georgia Dog was messy and not very good; they need some of that good Oklahoma Beef… “It’s What’s for Dinner!” Obviously Professional Sports food is outrageously priced and our food was definitely not worth the $19.00. 

Special Notes:

  • The Stadium was extremely nice relative to the fact that we have only attended two MLB stadiums, this Atlanta one and the San Francisco Giants when Bonds was chasing the record.  I had a guy named Dustin come up to me and introduce himself to me; he attends my campus (’ers are everywhere), he is in Atlanta on Business.  Not only that, my old boss from about 8 years ago when I worked in corrections sat in front of us.  The Braves played horrible for 8 innings and tried to mount a come back in the ninth, but came up short 4-3.  BTW- I found out why the beer, peanuts, cotton candy…. guys are always yelling and hustling so hard; they get a .50-.75 cents commission off of each sale.

The Question:

  • Do you generally sneak food/snacks into movie theaters or sports stadiums?
  • Who is your favorite sports team: college, semi-pro or professional? 

Got Receipts? 2 (of 4)

Business or Location:

The Receipt: Check #0099

  • $5.39    Brownie Sundae          
  • $9.79    Carne Asada Taco    
  • $15.18  Subtotal
  • $1.21    Sales Tax
  • $5.00   Tip
  • $21.39  TOTAL

 The Experience: 

  • My wife and I split the Carne Asada Tacos and we substituted one of the Carne Asada tacos for a Buffalo Chicken Taco.  We also had some of the hotter salsa made up.  “Shawn” our server said “This is what the people in the kitchen make up and eat themselves.”  It was green and made w/ avocados (it was excellent).  We always try to split meals and sometimes even order off of the kids menu.  The server “Shawn” was excellent, he kept my water and chips full at all times and he had great interpersonal skills.  He even got some extra brownie points; keep reading in Special Notes.  We enjoyed eating on the patio and the overall experience and it was definitely worth the $21.39

Special Notes:

  • As we were eating we overheard two ladies at the table behind us talking about the Bible and one lady was trying to convince the other lady how the book of Genisis couldn’t be true because of the dinosaurs, some Oprah stuff and yada, yada, yada.  Our Server “Shawn” engaged in the conversation and just flat broke them off with some teaching and preaching that you wouldn’t believe.  If you are ever in Atlanta or live in Atlanta; go to the Buckhead On The Border and ask for “Shawn.”  He told us that he attends World Changers Church with Pastor Creflo Dollar.

The Question:

  • Do you generally split your meal when you go out to restaurants?
  • Do you engage in uninvited conversations; with topics like the one “Shawn” engaged in? Thoughts?

Got Receipts? 1 (of 4)

There is something about spending your money and the experience/interactions that you have during each and every transaction.  Receipts are often indicators or reminders of those experiences; or at least they are a reminder of how much you are spending.  This week I will be posting some receipts; since I am in ATL w/out a fax and scanner I will just give you a virtual receipt.

Business or Location:

  • Eminence Nails and Spa:   3495 Buckhead Loop N.E.  Suite 230; Atlanta, GA 30326; 404.846-1555

The Receipt: (Grand Opening Sale)

  • $26.00 Spa Pedicure w/ French Manicure (Wife)
  • $21.00 Spa Pedicure (Me)
  • $47.00 Total

 The Experience: 

  • My wife and I both got Spa Pedicures and massage chair massages.  The place was new, extremely nice and customer service was great.  We also got some kinda bamboo massages, with some pressure-point foot thing  (highly recommended).  We both enjoyed the overall experience and it was definitely worth the $47.00

Special Notes:

  • Apparently some of the Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Hawks go to this place; and the lady who did my feet did Sean “P-Diddy” Combs not long ago.  My wife and I caught the train to attend Buckhead Church and walked across the street from the church to find this place.  We did get to hang with Mr. Ragamuffin Soul himself Carlos Whitaker; he gave us the tour of their “Big Time” Buckhead facility.   

The Question:

  • Fellas do you get pedicures/manicures and ladies do you want your guys to get pedicures/manicures?  Comments, thoughts; go ahead, call me metrosexual!

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