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JD Greear – RightNow #RN12

JD Greear – Pastor Summit Church, in Raleigh-Durham @jdgreear

JD Stepped on stage and grabbed the crowd’s attention instantly. Great communicator, flows like a talented rapper.

  • If your church died will the people in your community weep?
  • Instead of “Lets build a big church.” We asked, God let us bless/equip our people to build a great city.
  • Sending has 2 become less abt ur name and the size of your church. It has to be abt God and the kingdom.
  • Do what you do well for the glory of God and do somewhere strategic for the mission of God.
  • Church growth is not nearly as important as growing the people inside of the church.
  • If you life was a party, who would it be thrown for? Is it to build your kingdom or is it to build God’s?
  • It’s not a matter of if God’s calling you… it’s a matter of what God’s calling you to.
  • Stop trying to find God’s call… it’s not lost.
  • The church shouldn’t be about surrounding the leader… the church should be a leadership factory.
  • Growing the church, has us overlooking the fact that our business leaders can get the Gospel in places we cant dream of.
  • 70% of those in the UK said they have no intention of every attending a church service.
  • Churches are growing by fighting over larger pieces of a shrinking pie… We need to grow the pie.
  • Church :: The week is more important than the weekend. Empower people and send them out.
  • The best ministry ideas are found in the congregation and not in the church offices.
  • Pushing out leaders, creates more leaders.
  • Leaders are attracted to places where they can grow as leaders… Be all they can be.
  • Give away your money and God multiplies it… Give away and send out leaders and He will multiply leaders.
  • Success shouldn’t be about “seating capacity” it should be about “sending capacity.”
  • Jesus can do more with 5 loaves and 2 fish in 5 minutes than Bill Gates can do in a lifetime.
  • 1) Everyone is called 2) We have to empower our people to become leaders
  • 3) Have the courage to send people out. 4) Motivation for mission comes from the Gospel
  • The death of 1 is a tragedy, the death of 1 million is a statistic. ~Joseph Stalin via ~@jdgreear#rn12 (1 makes it real)
  • When the gospel grips ur heart sending becomes as natural as a rose bush, it just comes out of who u are.
  • Church Leader, Preach The Gospel – Business Leaders, Embrace The Gospel. Together we’ll see the harvest.

JD did a splendid job of challenging us to send out leaders, to engage the business community, to make a difference and understand our responsibility of making disciples. I thought I talked fast… Uhh Not so fast my friend, JD was flowing like an auctioneer of the Good News. Great, powerful message.

Interview with RightNow 2012 Speaker – Tim Ross #rn12

Here is a quick interview with my man Tim Ross at #RN12 in Dallas. I absolutely love this dude, his heart, preaching… Awesome man of God. Check out the video an hear Tim’s thoughts on where Ambition comes from.

Jen Hatmaker — RightNow #RN12

Jen Hatmaker – Speaker, Author, Blogger… Austin, TX  @JenHatmaker

Thoughts, observations and quotes.

  • My girl @JenHatmaker just took the stage.
  • Jen Hatmaker is a gifted storyteller and has the audience laughing.
  • Realized their church was Serving the Saved and Blessing the Blessed. (had to change)
  • Failure is a fantastic teacher… I am rich!
  • Consumerism is a cancer to missional community… it will destroy it from the inside out.
  • If we develop a church bent toward serving the saved, blessed people will come to get more blessings.
  • If we are positioned to reach Christians… Christians we will reach.
  • Live It or you have no hope of leading it.
  • Leaders, If we asked people to imitate us, they would spend all day in meetings and preparing sermons.
  • The church right now is losing about 150,000 people per week. Leaving the back door and not returning.
  • .@Jenhatmaker just said “Don’t tweet that Jen Hatmaker said leadership is dead.
  • Heaps of well spoken theology only impresses people that are “in” to that sort of thing.
  • If we commit our lives to the most vulnerable people in our cities, we can say “Follow me, as I follow Jesus.”
  • May God use us in awesome, great, scandalous ways.

Jen was very cool, calm, collected, polished, direct, clear and challenging.

Be bold and give us wisdom to raise up amazing faith communities.

Tim Ross – RightNow 2012 #RN12

Tim Ross – Associate Pastor, Gateway Church Dallas, TX

  • Stepped on the stage, asked everyone to grab hands and commanded the room with a conference culture setting prayer.
  • Holy Spirit help us to surrender… Amen ~Tim Ross
  • Ambition comes from the heart of man, it doesn’t come from God. ~Tim Ross
  • God gives you a burden… not ambition. ~Tim Ross
  • Sometimes we can have a list of things to do for God that He never said he wanted to do through us. ~Tim Ross
  • I believe God said, I have a list of things to do and has called each of us to do certain things. ~Tim Ross
  • Ambition is something that has to be stamped out in order for God’s will to be stamped in. ~Tim Ross
  • It’s not just dying to flesh, it’s about dying to what you want to do. ~Tim Ross
  • Good things are 1 o’s too many from being God things. ~Tim Ross
  • You have a list of things that you want to get done… Have you run those things by God? ~Tim Ross
  • Do you know what you want for your life? His Will! Do you know what you don’t want for your life? Yours! ~Tim Ross
Tim delivered a very thoughtful message of what it means to truly surrender. It’s not about us, it’s not about ambition, it’s about His Will.

Closed with prayer and asking the question… What did God speak to you today.  

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