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Friday Drive-by (9)

RANDOM BULLETS:  NW Oklahoma City Campus

  • Attendance was down last week due to the horrible ice storm.  We have 100% chance of snow today and tomm.
  • Child Dedications are this weekend.
  • I will be rolling out campus vision/goals for 08′,  in a couple of weeks.


  • Wesley and Jayden are both signed up to play B-ball.  Jayden’s team currently does not have a coach.  I might coach so they won’t cancel the team, you can’t break the hearts of 4yr. olds.
  • I think my wife is going to do the Christmas shopping this weekend, depending upon the weather.  I don’t like Christmas shopping, gift cards are the best.


  • Participate in the poll question about Santa at the bottom/right of my blog.


  • I don’t know what to think about the Mitchell Report, dealing w/ MLB and steroids.  I am beginning to think that the people really don’t care.  If you have a positive tests great…. who knows, there were obviously a bunch of people who used performance enhancing drugs either knowingly or not.  See fan reaction here.


  • You can either follow history, or make history.  Scott Williams

Worthy Links:


What do you think about Barack Obama and Oprah’s endorsement of him?

If you don’t like to talk politics: Is your Christmas shopping is done, or do you wait til’ Christmas Eve? 

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Friday Drive-by (7)


My Life:

  • My wife and I are going on a date night Sat.  (Date nights are a must for myself, my team and for you!)
  • Going to spend time w/ my sister and family in Houston for Thanksgiving!
  • My wife and oldest son are off work and school “Today is Centennial Day” in our state!  Happy B-Day Oklahoma! 


  • Arizona upset Oregon (The Stoops Brothers stick together!) “I told you so!”
  • My Sooners are in the driver’s seat for the the BCS National championship! “I told you so!”
  • Can Sam Bradford get some Heisman talk!  “I think so!”


  • The man who keeps busy helping the man below him won’t have time to envy the man above him.  (Henrietta Mears)


  • Why don’t people turn their cell phones on silent or vibrate at church, movies, formal events…..?  No one really cares about your goofy ringtones, just turn it on vibrate/silent all of the time!  Share your thoughts!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Friday Drive-by (5)

Let me shoot you some random bullets!, NW Oklahoma City Campus

  • We are hosting “The Big Show” tonight which is an event to honor our volunteers, we could not do what we do w/out them!
  • Last week of Supernatural looking at Angels
  • God is really blessing our campus w/ some serious growth


  • Alabama needs to beat LSU
  • OSU needs to beat Texas
  • ASU needs to beat Oregon
  • OU will beat Texas A&M and Coach Fran will get fired
  • The Seattle Supersonics need to leave Seattle and land in Oklahoma City
  • I want to say the Colts will beat the Patriots it will be tough and it depends on whether Harrison plays 

Questions that make you go hmmmm!

  • When flying, why do we wake up from a good nap for a 1oz. snack and a 4oz. drink?
  • Why is it illegal to give homeless people food or money in Denver?
  • Why do ATM’s charge you a fee to get your money?


  • Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.  Winston Churchill
  • You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things that never were; and say ‘Why Not?’  George Shaw
  • We should not live life or do things Just Because; instead we should live life and do things Because.  Scott Williams


  • Do you take your Bible with you to church?  Share your thoughts!

 Have a great weekend!

Friday Drive-by (4)

I am in Denver on vacation:

  • I packed for snow and Denver had record temperatures (80 degrees)
  • Rockies fans are a little down but ready for tomorrow
  • Maybe someone on the streets will bless us with some tickets LOL
  • Downtown Denver is Cool, I like this place
  • We have eaten at some great restaurants
  • I will attend the Internet Campus tonight

For you to know and for you to do!

  • Get a copy of Craig’s book “Going All The Way”  It is a great read for couples or singles; especially those planning on getting married.  I am going to begin using it in my Prep For Marriage Classes!  
  • The post that I made this week entitled: No Sex Offenders Allowed was featured on Monday Morning insight, check it out here.
  • I was reading Gina McClain’s blog and ran across a cool blog concept called “Proof of Purchase” it has some explicit verbiage; however I think that I am going to use some version of this concept in the future.

Blogs That have recently added BigIsTheNewSmall/Scott Williams to their blogroll:  Let me know if I am missing yours and I will add you to the list!

Robin Meadows  Chilly Chilton  Aaron Havens  Think Virtue  The Greater Love Blog 

Learning to Breathe  Rachel Cobb  Well Bread  Churchsmo


  • Who is going to win the World Series, Rockies or Red Sox?
  • Should a Senior, Campus or Lead Pastor have to be married to be in their role?  Why or Why Not!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Drive-by (2)


Increase Your Blog Traffic:  Go to the BlogRush widget at the bottom right of my blog and click on the “Add You Blog Posts- Free.”  It will increase your blog traffic!



  • The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people- Woodrow Wilson

  • We tend to become what the most important person in our life thinks we will become- Author Unknown
  • I act knowing someday this job will end, life is finite not infinite- Movie The Kingdom

Blogs and Sites to Check out:

  • Blessed By Burdens– A site providing opportunities for people to be a blessing to others…..
  • Robin Meadows– A home school mom w/ seven kids and good insight
  • Ragamuffinsoul– Cool worship pastor recently featured on LA Ink

  • Supernatural series starts this weekend, it’s going to be awesome!
  • Baptism Bash this weekend
  • Craig gave an amazing talk at All Staff Yesterday, “I still have a headache from the talk!”


  • My oldest son Wesley asked me, why I made my youngest son Jayden’s birthday before his. LOL
  • My 4 yr. old son Jayden scored like four goals in one soccer game
  • I am currently in a good season!


  • Do you know your neighbors names?
  • Why do Home Depot/Lowes and Walgreens/CVS build stores across from one another?
  • Did you and do your kids trick-or-treat?
  • Who’s going to win the College Football National Championship?

My Sooners have a big game this weekend and you have a great weekend!

Larry Damerval Predicts OU/Colorado Upset

Larry Damerval a.k.a. “Larry” from the series “30 Days to Live” predicted that the Colorado Buffalos would upset the Oklahoma Sooners and it happened.  Seriously that was something that he wanted Pastor Chris Spradlin to share at his funeral and Spradlin said it and said it several times.  Are you freakin’ kidding me 🙁  I guess Larry does have a direct connection w/ God!

Random Notes:

  • We are currently in Dallas on our Staff Retreat
  • We had a scavenger hunt on the way to Dallas; girls vs. guys and the guys lost
  • We ate at Buca Di Bepo last night; it was great
  • We all wore our National Porn Sunday Shirts; we got some awkward looks and comments

Share your thoughts on anything and/or share some “must do’s” while we are in Dallas.

Mike Gundy Goes Off!

I am not an Oklahoma State University football fan; however I have always liked OSU Head Football Coach Mike Gundy and his candor with the media. During Gundy’s post-game press conference following a win over Texas Tech, Gundy went off about an article written by Jenni Carlson about former OSU starting quarterback Bobby Reid. You can check out the article here.  I thought that it was interesting that the article talks about puking and so did Gundy.

Watch this video rant in it’s entirety and  share your thoughts!  Consider these questions: Do we need this same passion, as it relates to Satan’s attacks, Christian Selfishness and the state of the American Church?  When was the last time you, or someone that you know went on a rant and stood up for something that you/they believed in?  Is it necessary to “Go Off” sometimes; in order to get your point across?

Roll Blog Roll

tgif.jpgIt’s Friday, so I am going to share some random thoughts; as well as acknowledge those very smart bloggers that have added “BigIsTheNewSmall or Scott Williams” to their blogroll :-).  Please comment and let me know if you or someone that you know has added this blog to your/their blogroll.  It’s cool to see that this blog is picking up more and more readers every day, from around the world. 

Random Sports Thoughts:

  • Oklahoma Sooners will win the national championships

  • There seems to be an inordinate amount of negativity going on in pro sports HGH/Recording Signals/Steroids/Crime/Referees fixing games…..

  • USC looses @ Nebraska, OSU looses @ Troy

More Random Thoughts:

  • Both of my son’s have soccer games at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and my oldest has a flag football game at 3:00 p.m.  Oh yeah, did I mention they both have swimming lessons are in between those games!

  • We had a great LifeGroup last night
  • Looking forward to a awesome weekend at the NW Oklahoma City Campus

Blogs that have added this blog to their blogroll:

Swerve   Floating Axhead   Nick Jones   Crossroads Movement   Matt Sing  turned out 

Share your random thoughts. Have a great weekend!

Added blogs since original post:

Titus One One

Sooners Win National Championship

ou.JPGIt was great to recently see the vehicle that is pictured in this blog.  This is what you call a true, die hard Oklahoma Sooner fan.  College Football season kicks off tomorrow and I could not be more excited.  This year the national ESPN guys are finally giving OU their props.  They all have either OU playing in the national championship or winning it.  The bottom line is that their schedule sets up nicely to do just that.  I am going to make a bold prediction, and yes it will be documented on my blog.  I am picking my Sooner’s to go undefeated and win the National Championship.  I am making this prediction for an OU Team that has some serious unanswered questions, specifically with a red shirt freshman starting at QB.  Please share your comment and represent! 

Who is your favorite college football team and who do you think will win the national championship this year?

Tiger Woods is The Greatest

tiger.jpgTiger Woods is the greatest athlete ever!  I say that without hesitation because this guy is so talented, so focused, and so ridiculously good.  I know there have been some great athletes in the past, such as Babe Ruth, Jack Nicholas, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Hank Aaron and the list can go on and on.  The bottom line is that all the great athletes in the past had complimentary teammates, or they didn’t have the same level of worldwide competition that Tiger has.  To top it off this weekend at Southern Hills Tiger Woods tamed the course that was supposed to be “Tiger proof.”  Tiger had never won at Southern Hills and not only did he win, he did it in blistering 100+ degree temperatures and did I mention that he came a millimeter from setting a PGA scoring record.  Tiger just put some more jewels in the crown, which is the greatest athlete of all time.  Not only has Tiger revolutionized the sport of golf but he has done it with class.  We need to appreciate this time in history, because we are getting the opportunity to witness one of the greatest athletes ever, in his prime.  For those of us whom consider ourselves leaders, Tiger continues to give free leadership lessons in the areas of: determination, drive, focus, resilience, breaking the rules, breaking the records, pressing through adversity…….  Some of you are probably saying that Tiger has not even broke Jack Nicholas’ records, “Give Me a Break” those records are tumbling and Tiger is just getting started. What can you personally learn from Tiger?  In what areas of your life/job/ministry are you revolutionizing the way things are being done?  Do you have the Eye of the Tiger?   

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