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"Church Diversity Sucks!" #TheNines

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What Interactive Elements Do You Want To Experience At #TheNines?

theninesTheNines is going to be an all-day deal, where you have your computer running at all times and have lunch at your desk.  The sites that will be simulcasting #TheNines Conference were released last week, see the full list here. is one of the 12 sites hosting the conference, so be sure and let your, friends, family, colleagues, co-workers know that they can check out the conference live right here.

I thought it would be good to break up the monaughtney of a long day of 70 speakers, by adding some interactive elements to #TheNines attenders joining the community.

We will be rolling some things out like live Twitter, Chat, and even looking at giving some stuff away throughout the day.  Maybe some signed copies of some books from some of your favorite authors, CD’s, giftcards… and any other merchandise that you want to donate. 🙂

There are nearly 8,500 people already registered for #TheNines, who knows by the time Wed. rolls around we may have 9,999.  Again, make sure that you have registered, encourage your friends and family to register and join us right here on Wednesday 9/9/09 at 9:09.

What interactive elements would you like to see happen during #TheNines Conferece?  If there are 9,999 registrants, I think they should cut off registration, what do you think?

See You Wednesday…

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