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Video: LeBron James Dunk Show At Practice

LeBron James showing off his dunk skills, he does better dunks than this in games. I’m glad he’s working on his dunk skills, while KD is working on his championship winning skills.

Enjoy and #Thunderup

Thunder vs Lakers :: My 5 Predictions (Round 2 NBA Playoffs)

It’s a huge night in my city as The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Los Angeles Lakers for Game 1 of round 2 of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. This game is going to be huge, extra physical and the winner could actually find themselves in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. That’s considering the Clippers can handle the Spurs and the Heat don’t fold to the Pacers.

This game is going to be intense, especially since the last time the Thunder faced the Lakers Ron Artest gave the cheap shot elbow to 6th man of the year James Harden. Artest was recently quoted as saying he’s not going to shake the #Thunder players’ hands and he doesn’t shake the subs hands anyways, only the starters. Maybe it’s just me, but Ron Artest makes it really hard to like him or the Lakers. I have grown to respect Kobe, not only because he’s one of the best to players to ever play the game and competes at a high-level at an old age; rather because he’s a straight shooter and respectable as a basketball player.

Three things are guaranteed tonight, the #Thunder fans will be jacked up out of this world. Ron Artest won’t receive a warm welcome and the Home Team will come away with a victory.

My Game 1 Predictions:

  • The announcers will say they have never heard a crowd this loud before.
  • Durant, Harden & Westbrook all have BIG offensive games.
  • Ron Artest will do something a little goofy… not Big goofy, just a little bit goofy.
  • Sefolosha will do a stellar job containing Kobe 3 quarters, Kobe will have solid 4th quarter.
  • Thunder win 105-99.
  • Bonus: I will tweet no less than 25 times during the game!

Those are my predictions… What do you think of my 5 6 predictions. Share your predictions. 

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