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Twitter Is The New Blogger!


Today’s post will in the form of a simple statement and a simple question:

  • Simple Statement: Twitter Is The New Blogger!
  • Simple Question: Is Twitter Killing Blogging/Are Less People Reading Blogs Because of Twitter?

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Who Should I Follow On Twitter?


Please answer the following question:

Who Should I follow on Twitter?  Share your favorites, the must follows… you can let us know why if you wish!

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Twitter: "To Follow or Not to Follow"


I want to dive into a subject that has a lot of questions but not necessarily a lot of answers.  I am talking about the micro-blogging phenomenon Twitter; and the question of whether or not to reciprocate follows.  Again, for those of you that are not using Twitter; you should check out my previous post 10 Reasons To Twitter.

There are so many different opinions from the Twitter Elite on their following of their followers, following whoever they want to, or not following many people at all.  Here are a few Twitter Elites that I follow and their follower to following credentials/philosophy:

  • Leo Laporte  64,051 Followers and Following 515 (Follows a select few hundred)
  • Guy Kawasaki 30,922 Followers and Following 31,936 (Reciprocates followers)
  • Wayne Sutton 9,827 Followers and Following 9,922 (Reciprocates followers)
  • Perry Noble 2,694 Followers and Following 19 (Follows a very select few)
  • Tony Steward 1,484 Followers and Following 1,660 (Reciprocates & looks for great Twitterers) 
  • Carlos Whittaker 2,419 Followers and Following 86 (Follows a select few; I remembered the night he tweeted about trimming his following list down; I even trimmed my small following list down)

I just shared these Six Twitter Elite to provide some perspective as to the number of followers compared to the number following.  I personally don’t think there is a “Twitter Etiquette” defining the tweet following process; it’s just a matter of personal preference.  I’ve read some pretty angry, frustrated, mean-spirited, bitter… tweets in regards to people not reciprocating the follow.  If you want to find out who’s not reciprocating your follows, check out   I personally have went through seasons of pruning my list and had recently considered doing the reciprocal following thing (Key Word: Considered).   

{Fist Bump} to everyone who follows my tweets.

  • What are your thoughts, opinions, preferences… on reciprocating the follow? 

Sound Off and have your followers join the discussion!  Shameless Plug: Follow me here!

10 Reasons To Twitter

10 Reasons To Twitter or maybe this post should be titled: “Some Of The Reasons I Twitter.”

  1. It is absolutely the easiest/least time consuming social network to use & signing-up is easy as 123. 
  2. Keep It Simple Stupid Philosophy: post a statement, comment, link, pic… in 140 characters or less.
  3. You can drive people to new posts or information on your blog or website. (Immediate Info. Sharing)
  4. You can choose to be an active participant or just and active observer.  (Instant Community)
  5. You get to be in the know about the happenings of your friends, family and others in the Twitterworld.
  6. Twitter is the new Sexy thing… www.TwitterIsTheNewMySpace/Facebook/ LOL  Seriously go claim your name before someonelse does.
  7. Quick sharing of ideas from people throughout the Twitterworld… you can ask anyone anything.
  8. You are guaranteed to get a daily laugh or great daily quote from someone that you follow.
  9. You can share snapshots of your life with or without a camera.
  10. Because I’m Twittering!   Sign-up or watch quick twitter video here; Follow me here

There are so many more reasons to Twitter and why people Twitter… so let’s keep the list going.  Simply post a comment sharing reasons to twitter and keep the numbers going;  in otherwords the first person to comment will share #11 and so on. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for following my tweets.  Have a Gr8 wknd!

Don't Be A Quitter

60 Second Marine Commercial that could change your perspective… Transcend The Isms’ 

Don’t Think, Don’t Blink, Don’t Quit… Go For It!  Enough said!

Is there something you need to go for?  Thoughts?

Twitter Users: Speaking of Quitting there is a new program that identifies those people who Unfollow your tweets.  Click here to find out who stopped following you.  I have received several notifications of Quitters and it showed my last tweet before they Quit. (Click Here)

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