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10 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Make A Positive Impact

Twitter continues to grow and be a major source of news and connection for millions of people. I remember in they early days when everyone thought it was no more than a fad. Twitter has definitely moved past the fad stage and you can’t turn on your radio or television without someone sharing their twitter handle. The same is true for all print materials and other forms of advertisements.

Twitter has many great uses and one of them is the fact that it can be used to make a difference. The great thing about Twitter making a difference is that fact that it’s not Twitter at all, it’s the people. That’s right you and I along with everyone else that has a Twitter account are the ones that have the ability to make a difference.

10 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Make A Positive Impact

  • 1.  Share A Quote:  There is something about quotes that seem to have a profound impact on people and the way they think. Take a quote that’s somewhere in the 120 character range and the impact is elevated to an even higher level, and it’s definitely more memorable. The great thing about quotes is the fact that people love to retweet them and share them. Quotes have multiplication power, due to the fact that every quote speaks to each individual differently. Here is a recent leadership quote that I shared that will speak differently to everyone who reads it: “Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.” – Vince Lombardi
  • 2. Share Scripture: It’s always great to get nuggets of the living, breathing word of God in the world of Twitter. It’s also nice to learn and connect with what other individuals, leaders, pastors and organizations are reading. Not only can I share Bible verses that I’m reading, I can read countless other Bible verses in my timeline throughout the day. In case you didn’t know, Twitter Is In The Bible.
  • 3. Share The Good Stuff: By the good stuff, I’m referring to deals, favorites, coupons, promotions, groupons, retweet-this-win-this, things that can benefit others…  You know what I’m talking about, The Good Stuff.
  • 4. Share Pictures: We’ve all heard the modern use of the old phrase “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words.” That phrase stems from an article by Fred R. Barnard in Printers’ Ink, promoting the use of images that appeared on the sides of streetcars. The December 1921 issue had an ad entitled, “One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words.” When it comes to sharing pics on twitter there are many photo sharing services popping up and twitter’s version of this old phrase is more like: “A picture is worth 1,000 thoughts, 1,000 views, 1,000 retweets…” The bottom line is all of the family pics., random moments, food pics, life moments, children pics., timeless moments etc. all can impact our day in a positive way. A picture is worth more than 140 characters.
  • 5. Share Your Thoughts: This really gets back to the Twitter basics. The original Twitter question that twitter asked for your status update was, What are you doing?  It has now evolved to a more appropriate question, What’s happening? Somewhere in between those two questions is the question of, What are you thinking? Humans have thousands of thoughts per day and those thoughts can have and impact on our friends in the Twittersphere. Those thoughts can make you laugh, cry, shout, scream and even make you think. For instance, comedian Michael Jr. @MichaelJrComedy tweeted this over the weekend: It’s cold at this soccer game! I know a grown man shouldn’t say this n public, but… I wish I had a snuggie. That made me laugh and smile.  Yesterday, my family and I were in the car listening to an old gospel song “I’m Just A Nobody” by the Williams brothers.  The entire family was singing the lyrics, laughing, worshiping, ad-libbing and having a good ol’ time. The chorus got stuck in my head, so I shared it on Twitter. Here is the chorus,  “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody!” That thought was retweeted over 100 times and counting.  It’s guaranteed that the truth of those lyrics made a difference in someone’s life.
  • 6. Share Words Of Encouragement: Public words of encouragement and/or retweets with a nice message at the end can go a long way. I say encourage and encourage often. Encourage others and challenge those that follow you to encourage others. Encouragement is the fuel that propels you down the road of success.
  • 7. Share Great Information: Whether it’s the latest trend, newest technology release, a great book, an inspiring Seth Godin article, a Mashable find, the latest fashion trends, questions about a product, a great place to dine in a particular city or the recent release of the College Football BCS results, Twitter is definitely one of the best places to gather and share information.
  • 8. Share A Cause: On a daily basis I’m either reading or sharing information about a great cause or charity. Twitter makes it simple for us to be helpful to those who are trying to reach a fundraising goal, get information out about a great cause or share information about a movement. The students at Penn State used Twitter as a tool to promote their “Blue Out” event at this weekends football game against Nebraska. The stadium was filled with blue in honor of and in order to bring awareness to the epidemic that is the abuse of children.
  • 9. Share Breaking News: Twitter is a great source to share breaking news…  You can almost guarantee that Twitter will be the 1st or at the latest 2nd place for breaking news. The death of Michael Jackson was trending on Twitter before the major news outlets could even catch up. The ultimate breaking news from twitter was from the Abbottabad man who unknowingly tweeted the raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden. His initial tweet was this: “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” 
  • 10. Share Your Lives: I am a huge believer in genuine face to face relationships; however I have embraced the tremendous value of Twitter and Social Media relationships. Social Media relationships are making the world smaller and smaller. This Big ol’ World is getting Smaller and Smaller, One Tweet, Comment and One Post at a time.  It’s always important to remember the Social Part of the word Social Media. Social is defined as — The inclination to seek out or enjoy the company of others; sociable.  Twitter is a great place to share your life and connect with the lives of others.
Is Twitter Making A Positive Impact?  Share your thoughts and experiences with How Twitter Can Make A Positive Impact.

5 Reasons Twitter Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The phrase “The best thing since sliced bread” and other variations are commonly used hyperbolic means of praising an invention or innovation.  Sliced bread is the arbitrary benchmark against which later innovations should be judged.

The history of the bread slicer dates back to 1912 when Otto Fredrick Rohwedder invented the first loaf-at-a-time bread slicing machine.  This original prototype burned down in a fire and it wasn’t until 1928 that Rohwedder had a fully operational commercial machine.  The popular use of “the best thing since…” phrase comes from the fact that Wonder Bread, the first mass-marketer of sliced bread as a product, launched a 1930s ad campaign touting the innovation.

5 Reasons Why Twitter Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

  • 1. The Bread Slicer Made The Loaf Into Smaller Pieces — Twitter Has Made The World Into Smaller Pieces: The world is becoming smaller and smaller one tweet at a time.  It is easy to access, learn from and connect people all around the world.   You will even see tweets being re-tweeted in a language different than it originated.  Twitter has made our local communities and the world abroad much smaller; in this instance smaller is definitely better. Big Is The New Small.
  • 2. The Bread Slicer Broke Bread Into Slices — Twitter Is Allowing Christians and Faith-based Communities To Break Bread On-line:  Through Twitter Christians and people of faith are able to break bread and share their faith in an on-line world.  This really promotes the cause of “going into all the world” and sharing The Gospel.  All the world includes the on-line world as well.
  • 3. The Bread Slicer Created Exponential Uses For Bread –Twitter Has Created Exponential Uses For Micro-blogging:  The uses for Twitter are endless.  People are staying connected, businesses are using it as an effective advertising tool, got ?’s the Twitter world has answers, breaking news, technology updates, stock info., trends, networking, research… and these uses go on and on like the Energizer Bunny.  Speaking of the Energizer Bunny, I haven’t seen him around in awhile, maybe it’s because Energizer Battery Co. now has the @energizer bunny.
  • 4. The Innovation Bread Slicer Allowed Bread To Be Mass Marketed — The innovation of Twitter has allowed it to become the ultimate mass marketing source of information: Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams accurately calls his innovation a “practically priceless exchange for connections and information.”
  • 5. Sliced Bread Will Never Go Away — Twitter Is Here To Stay!

I could share a number of more reasons Why Twitter Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread; however I think you get the picture.   There are many new innovations that are coming out daily, although in my opinion Twitter is going to be at the top of the list for quite some time.  Maybe Twitter is the new innovation benchmark and people will begin to use the phrase, “The Best Thing Since Twitter!”

What do you think?  Is Twitter the best thing since sliced bread?  Why or Why Not?

Welcome To Nigeria!

It’s pretty amazing that I’m even able to type this blogpost as I’m working on a few hours of sleep in the last couple days. Airplanes and timezones from across the globe just don’t go together. Me and a new friend named Ayo from Atlanta arrived in Lagos yesterday and flew to Benin City today. Ayo is originally from Lagos, so he has showed me a little lay of the land.

We are both here to speak at a Spiritual Leadership Summit “The Reposition” that’s put on by Pastor Benson Akhigbe. His ministry Firm Foundation is truly committed to being a life development church. Firm foundation is a young vibrant ministry with a vision to raise men and women who cure desert places in every stage and segment of life. Their mission is making men and women know the person and power of the Holy Spirit by a definite experience, building Godly families and raising leaders with public and private success.

This event is a big deal as this ministry is committed to “Securing The Future” of this community and nation. I’m honored to be here speaking on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Media.” The hospitality has been over the top splendid. The image above is my hotel room that I just checked into a little bit ago. Speaking of secure the future, this hotel is secured with security officers with AK-47’s.

I’ve heard lots of things about Nigeria, some are true and many are not so true. What I do know is there are lots of bright, passionate, servant hearted individuals committed to making a difference in the name of Jesus. Secondly, I know that Nigeria is full of opportunity.

Cool sidebar note: One of young men that just picked me up at the airport @JoeyeParker just recently started a blog and said he was inspired by my blog and the blog and Platform Book by my friend @MichaelHyatt. Michael is viewed as someone who freely gives away tools for success from people all around the world. What a small world it is.

Disclaimer: pardon any incoherency found in this post. Sleep deprivation is the cause. 🙂

11 Ways To Promote Your Twitter Handle

The days of thinking Twitter is a fad are long gone. Twitter is definitely here to stay and the fact that you can’t turn on the television, radio, or go online without seeing a Twitter handle being promoted is added conformation.

Your Twitter handle is more important than your Facebook address and sometimes more important than your website. That’s why you see all of the local and national radio, news and television personalities promote their twitter handle. It’s a “Big Deal” for individuals and businesses. As a matter of fact more Global Fortune 100 Companies use Twitter than Facebook. Twitter is easy, engaging, allows opportunities to connect, reveals personality and it just matters.

I say promote your Twitter handle anywhere and everywhere it makes sense:

  • On your website
  • On your book
  • Verbally in introduction before you speak
  • On your YouTube videos
  • On your business cards, letterhead and stationery
  • On your receipts
  • On your bags (businesses that issue shopping bags to customers)
  • On your name tag at a conference or social
  • In your bio.
  • Email signature
  • Anywhere and everywhere your real name shows up in front of groups of people: lower-thirds, powerpoint, keynote…

This list of how you can promote your Twitter handle is endless. It’s important to realize that Twitter gives people the opportunity to see snippets of how you or your business engage with the world, prior to them making a decision of whether or not to engage with you.

Over three years ago, I had written a very popular post for on how you should choose your Twitter handle, why you should use your real name and why it matters. Although I had written the post several years ago, it’s still applicable today. Check it out – 10 Reasons To Use Use Your Real Name As Your Twitter @Name.

What are some creative ways that you’ve seen people or businesses promote their Twitter handle? How do you promote yours? Add to the list!

Be Careful What You Tweet – The Twitter GAP Method

There is amazing power in the 140 character micro-blog posts that we have come to know as tweets. These tweets have demonstrated the power to get people hired, fired, book deals, 5-min. of fame, caught cheating, NFL players fined, job offers cancelled with a “Thanks but No Thanks!” and countless other negative and positive outcomes. More often than not, these negative outcomes were outside the purview of the Twitter user’s original intent.

IMHO there should be some thought that goes into each and every tweet, because once you hit post, those tweets find themselves in the Twitterworld forever. The delete option for your tweets is almost as comical as the rescinding of an e-mail — it doesn’t work.  Everyone knows as soon as you get the email stating that “so and so would like to rescind it” you click the open/read button ASAP. The moral of the story… Be Careful What You Tweet.

Anyone can do anything with your tweets and even without your permission. I see tweets all the time that fall into the category of what I call questionable. I imagine that most of these people wouldn’t want their mother, pastor, boss or children reading some of their tweets.

A great solution is for everyone to have a personal internal tweet filter, that aligns with who they are. Personally, my filter is simply asking this question: “Is what I’m about to tweet disrespectful to God, My Family or My Role as a Pastor and Leader?”

Over the years I have found my tweets on digital billboards, on front page stories of newspapers, in the sports section of newspapers, in magazine articles, featured in blogposts, in books and the list goes on and on. The crazy thing is some of the tweets that were featured had been sent up to a year before the book was released, a month before the article was featured and some were featured online the same day.

The universal tweet filter method that I recommend to my clients and anyone using twitter is what I have deemed as the GAP Method™. The GAP Method doesn’t mean put on GAP clothing before you tweet, but rather ask this question: “Is my tweet Genuine, Accurate and Positive?

  • Genuine – Possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real. Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being genuine?
  • Accurate – Free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule or model, precise; exact. (This gets people in trouble, fined, fired and everything else. Just last week people were tweeting that Michael Jordan was in the hospital due to a heart attack. As much as I would have liked to share some breaking news, I checked the story’s accuracy and couldn’t legitimize it… so I didn’t share it. It was a fake.) Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being accurate?
  • Positive – Characterized by or expressing certainty or affirmation: a positive answer or benefit; tending to emphasize what is good or laudable; constructive; tending towards progress. (This doesn’t mean that you can’t be contrary, opinionated, stern, direct and a matter of fact; it simply means you are leaning towards a good positive result. This one is more of the “Golden Rule” of the three.) Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being positive?

The bottom line is Be Careful What Tweet, it may end up on the front page of a newspaper, fired, under investigation or worse. It could lead to death, here is a story of how a persons Twitter Message Led to Murder.

Be Careful What You Tweet!

P.S. The Library of Congress archives all of your tweets.

Do you think about the repercussions of what you say online?  Should your tweets be fair game?  Do you use any sort of mental filter before you tweet?

5 Ways Twitter Brings Inspiration To Your 4th Of July

  • 1. Family– As you read all the tweets about 4th of July  family picnics, outings, events… it might be just the encouragement that you need to do something with your family.  If you are already hangin’ with your family or read tweets about people wishing they were with their family; those tweets will remind you to appreciate and value your family time.
  • 2. Food– Let’s be honest you are going to read more tweets about burgers, brats, hot-dogs, steaks, charcoal, baked-beans, polish sausage, hot-links, chicken… in the next 24 hours then you will in the next year.  If you’re a guy, your competitive spirit will have you whipping up your secret recipes and throwing something on the grill.  As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet 50% of the Twitpics and Instagram shots will be taken of some form of grilled meat.
  • 3. Fun- It doesn’t get much more fun than the 4th of July.  The kids love it, you love it, people sitting at home doing nothing but watching the festivities on television love it and the people in the TwitterWorld love it even more, because they get to share their 4th of July fun with all their Social Media friends.  These exuberant Tweets of fun might just inspire you to turn up your personal or family Fun-o-meter and do the Dougie, Jerk, 2-Step, Stanky Legg, Electric Slide or Cha-Cha Slide right where you are.
  • 4. Fireworks- This is one of the key ingredients of this huge patriotic celebration, as the culmination is blowing stuff up or an awesome fireworks display.  People will find themselves doing one of three things when darkness strikes their neck of the woods: 1. Shooting Fireworks  2. Watching fireworks displays live  3. Watching fireworks displays on television.  No matter which of the three describes an individual’s situation, the end result will be Twitpics of fireworks filling up the Twitter streams.  Not only do you get to share Twitpics of your fireworks display, but you can follow and re-tweet your favorite friends and celebrities that you follow.  I mentioned in reason #3 that 50% of the Twitpics and Instagram shots will be taken of some sort of grilled meat, the other 50% will be taken of fireworks displays.
  • 5. Freedom- As we celebrate the Declaration Of Independence, we must always remember that Freedom Is Never FREE.  Be sure to send a tweet thanking the men and women of The United States Armed Forces (Past & Present) who fight to protect our freedom.

What will your 4th of July Festivities look like?  Will twitter find it’s way into your 4th of July?

15 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader

Here are 15 Simple Ways That Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader, all in 140 or less.

  • 1. I Want Access– You have access to the thoughts, lives, principles & activities of some of the best leaders and leadership authors in the world.
  • 2. Let’s Be Open- Allowing those that U work for, w/ or may potentially work with in the future to take a more open look at your life. The Other Side Of You!
  • 3. Think Before You Act– Forces U 2 think before U tweet realizing that everything U tweet is permanent; all leadership decision R permanent at least 4 that moment.
  • 4. Keep It Pithy- U have 2 get straight 2 the point, 140 or less. Streamline yr thoughts, say what’s necessary, make it meaningful & Realize yr words matter!
  • 5. What’s The 411- There is an abundance of relevant information at your fingertips, current events, tech., trends, culture, scripture, product, research…
  • 6. You’re Not My Boss–  You have to learn how to lead and connect in an environment where people are not forced to follow or connect… Why should I listen to you?
  • 7. Don’t Be A Phony- Authenticity is critical for a leader! People smell a phony a mile away. Be Real, Be yourself. “Do You, It’s a Statement… Not a Question!”
  • 8. Development is about others- You have the ability to encourage, inspire, help, shape, lead & develop others. Make your tweets leadership matter.
  • 9. Influence is Earned-  You must earn your influence on Twitter & leadership is the same way. It’s about what you get, it’s about what you give.
  • 10. Two Way Street- Open comm. & feedback between leaders & followers is must for gr8 leaders. Be open to feedback, comm. & criticism frm Twitter followers.
  • 11. Style Matters- Watching, listening & learning from individual’s communication style & tone is key. Do u come off as a jerk, cool, nice, respectable…
  • 12. Understanding Influence- You quickly understand that influence isn;t simply about a position or role but rather what you offer your tribe.
  • 13. Change Is Important- You are able to see how things are changing daily, twitter went from being a “fad” to everyone using a twitter handle.
  • 14. Information Is King- You see the importance of information, twitter is so popular because it’s an information source. Do you have info?
  • 15. Relationship Matter- Relationships Mater, Connections Matter, Leadership is All About Relationships…

Share your thoughts on this list of 15 or add additional to the list… in 140 or less!

Why Social Media Is The New Better Business Bureau

For those of you who are at-least 30 years of age, you probably have heard of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Those under 30 may or may not have heard of this organization. There are BBB’s all around the country that gather and report information on business reliability, alert the public to frauds against consumers and businesses, provide information on ethical business practices, and act as mutually trusted intermediaries between consumers and businesses to resolve disputes.

When I was growing up, I would hear people use the threat of, “I’m going to report you to the Better Business Bureau” if a company or business was doing something shady or provided horrendous customer service.  I remember using it as a college student and over the years I began to notice that the threat of reporting something to the Better Business Bureau appeared to have less and less sting.

Consumers moved to the: “I’m going to email the corporate headquarters” of an organization.  They would simply send enough emails to make sure someone at the top hears their complaint.  The e-mail route became the most effective and efficient way for consumers to share their complaints.

The consumer complaint system has moved from the BBB to E-Mail to the current complaint and praise method we have come to know as Social Media.  If consumers have complaints they will simply blog about it, tweet about or post it to their Facebook page. Often times these complaints will occur while the consumer is still inside the business or when the hit the parking lot. The bad thing for businesses is the fact that those complaints don’t go away and as matter of fact they have a lasting impression and potential to go viral.

Consumers are talking about the good, bad and ugly of businesses or brands.  Not only are they talking but their friends and followers are listening. Research shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, compared to only 14% trust advertisements.

This new reality makes it paramount for businesses to have a Social Media presence and a knowledgeable person handling their Social Brand. Read this post for my thoughts about Businesses Without A Social Media Presence.

Social Media Is The New Better Business Bureau.

Do you share your complaints about businesses or brands via Social Media?  Share your thoughts on Social Media Being The New Better Business Bureau.

Top 5 Twitter Tips Of All-Time

I understand that the Kanye West joke about interrupting Taylor Swift about Beyonce having the best video of All-Time is a couple of years old, played out and has been over-used; however it’s still funny.  This post is a simple post sharing 5 Basic Twitter Tips.

These tips are not according to Kanye, but according to me, they are the best of the decade… Top 5 Twitter Tips of All-Time: (insert interruption)

  • 1. Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer – Make sure that your profile pic. is a real picture of you or your brand’s logo.  The pic. should be a tight shot, preferably a head-shot, no full-lengths or far-away shots.  Don’t waste your time with the Avatars as you are too unique to have some computer-generated version of you.  Your profile pic. is one of the most important aspects of your twitter profile. People need to know who you are before they connect with you or listen to what you have to say.
  • 2. Repeat What I Just Said – If you want to be re-tweeted there are a some things to keep in mind: Leave 18-20 characters available in your tweet; in addition to tweeting valuable, breaking, interesting, funny, inspiring, random and consistently good content.
  • 3. You’ve Got Mail, You’ve Got Me Confused – Don’t confuse Twitter with e-mail.  Stop thinking that you have to answer every tweet, read every tweet and when you miss some tweets stop feeling like your inbox is full.  Imagine Twitter as a River and Not as a Lake… Twitter is not email!
  • 4. What’s My Name – You should use your real name or brand name as your Twitter @ name.  If your real name is not available, try using some combination of your name with the underscore or last name first etc.  Similar to the boom, getting your name will prove to be valuable as time progresses; go ahead and secure your kids names as well.  No one really understands your attempted cool names like: @mrbigshotguru @livingforchangetoday @johniscool @itweetabunch @MrsMrsexymama… Even President @BarackObama uses his real name.
  • 5. Remember The Platinum Rule – Platinum is more precious and popular than gold, so we will change the rule formally known as The Golden Rule.  The bottom line is treat people how you want to be treated: respond when necessary, occasionally RT others, be helpful, be nice, don’t be a twitter snob, be kind, have a sense of humor, don’t be a jerk (insert song) “You’re A Jerk!” etc.

I know some of you reading this may be thinking that your Twitter Tips are better, “I’m really happy for you and Imma’ let you finish… but these are the Top 5 Twitter Tips Of All-Time!”

Share your thoughts on these 5 Tips or add your favorites to the list.

RT: ≠ Endorsement

One of the best compliments that a person can give another in the Twittersphere is an RT.  The retweet is a simple way of sharing particular tweets of another with those that are within their twitter stream.  Personally, I share and RT lots of information on a daily basis.

There is extreme power in a RT.  If you think of the RT in the form of network marketing or pyramid marketing, you can only imagine the exponential impact of anything that is retweeted.  The power of a re-tweet is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going… it’s ridiculous.

Often times I retweet something and people either assume that I wrote it, endorse it or support it. That may or may not be the case.  Sometimes I’m RT’ing something simply because it’s interesting, intriguing, controversial, helpful, food for thought, enlightening, useful etc.

Recently there was a lot of discussion about Spike Lee retweeting the supposed address for George Zimmerman, who is the front and center target in the controversial Trayvon Martin case. Unfortunately for Spike Lee and for the McClain Family that lived at the retweeted address — it was not the correct address of the intended George Zimmerman. Spike Lee apologized publicly on Twitter and personally to the McClain’s in addition to compensating them for their life disruption.

RT’s can definitely be a positive element; however it’s important to understand the full context of what a retweet means. I love the way CNN Anchor @Soledad_Obrien addresses the issue of retweets in her Twitter profile description.  Soledad’s description may end up as the standard in the future.  Her profile reads as follows:

I anchor CNN’s “Starting Point” airing 7a to 9a weekdays. In my free time, I host docs: Black in America and Latino in America. RTs ≠ endorsements.

Retweets are a nice compliment and a great way to share information… just remember – RT: ≠ endorsement.

Share your thoughts and experiences about RT’s and the fact that RT: ≠ endorsement.

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