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Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers

Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers. Marketing is not simply what businesses, brands and advertising agencies do — It’s what all of us do.  We are all marketing something. Either our personal brand or someone else’s brand.

You are marketing by the clothes that you wear, the type of phone that you use, the restaurants that you frequent, the stories that you share on Facebook and Twitter… and the list goes on and on like the energizer bunny.  BTW- What happened to the Energizer Bunny? He was a great marketer for Energizer batteries  As a matter of fact, I still consider the fact that the bunny keeps going and going and going every time I make a battery purchase.

Some people claim not to be marketers because they don’t want the self-perceived negative connotation of being a “self-promoter.”  That’s hogwash! Everyone is marketing something and everything is marketing. Even those individuals that play the card of, “I don’t like to market or promote, I’m just humble.” Those individuals marketing the cause for a behind the scenes and humble approach to things.

Jesus was a marketer, the #Kony2012 folks are marketers, President Obama is a marketer, Steve Jobs was a marketer, Donald Trump is a marketer, Seth Godin is a marketer, the Superintendent of your local school district is a marketer, the little league coach is a marketer, the little league player is a marketer, your children are marketers, I’m a marketer, you’re a marketer… We Are All Marketers. 

I have shared over 20,000 tweets on Twitter, everything from personal family stuff, to quotes, to blogpost links to (fill in the blank).  At the time of this post I have sent 22,221 tweets to be exact.  Directly or indirectly those tweets have all marketed, shared or promoted something.  For tweet #22,222 I will simply share this post because I’m A Marketer!

You have a story to tell — Tell It!  You have something to promote — Promote It!  You have a brand that your’re fond of — Share It! 

If you aren’t sure of what your brand is or what you’re marketing… ask those closest to you.

Like It Or Not, We Are All Marketers.

The Life Of The #Thunderup Hashtag

My man @Rt44man sent me an infographic of The Life of The #Thunderup Hashtag.  He had created it over @visually.  @Visually is a really creative site that allows you to create some really cool things.  I had some glitchy problems creating some of the Life of A Hashtag; however I’m sure it’s just some bugs that @visually are working out.

The Life Of The #Thunderup Hashtag

The cool thing about the #Thunderup hashtag is that your boy (me) is one of the top influencers along with the bearded one @JHarden13.  Enjoy the history and life of the hashtag of the 2012 NBA Champions Oklahoma City Thunder. #Thunderup


Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted On Twitter

This post will get straight to the point… If you want to get Re-Tweeted, Implement These Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted Below:

  • 1. SPACE – Leave 18-20 characters available in your tweet… allows enough room for your name @ sign and RT.  This is the most common reason people will not RT your post, individuals don’t want to take the time and energy to remove characters and shorten your post. TIME IS MONEY!
  • 2. CONTENT – Tweet content that provides value to a broad audience — quotes, humor, questions, compelling thoughts, breaking news, technology, social media breakthroughs, tips, links to great content etc.  CONTENT IS KING!
  • 3.  CONSISTENCY – Make sure your tweets are consistent.  Think of your tweets in a similar fashion that you look at newspaper or magazine subscription.   Your followers will learn to trust and grow to expect a particular type of content in a consistently delivered manner.  CONSISTENCY COUNTS!
  • 4. TACTFUL – Have a keen sense of what to tweet and what not to tweet in order to maintain good relationships with your twitter community.  Don’t consistently ask your Twitter Community to Re-Tweet your tweet…  If you feel that the tweet or content is valuable, it may make sense to ask selective followers to RT a tweet.  If you ask all of your followers to RT your content all of the time, your message will fall on deaf ears. HAVE SOME MANNERS!
  • 5. RECIPROCATE – Give and receive value to the Twitter community. Re-tweet other’s tweets if you find their information valuable and be sure that you provide them the RT credit they deserve.   Don’t be a Re-Tweetaholic or once again your message will fall on deaf ears. SHARE THE LOVE!
  • 6. BRAND – Develop a consistent Twitter brand, presence, notoriety, content etc. desirable of being Re-Tweeted.  Many people have put the time, energy and effort to earn the right for their content to be Re-Tweeted.  If you look at theTop 50 Re-tweeted Twitter Users Of All Time the one thing that’s consistent is that they all have their own unique brand. GET BRANDED!
  • 7. RECOGNITION – Get recognized or develop a relationship with the people on the Top 50 Re-Tweeted Twitter Users Of All Time. :)  Seriously you don’t have to develop a relationship with people on that list; however having your content re-tweeted by folks with a strong Twitter brand will help with future RT’s.  GET RECOGNIZED!
  • 8. LISTS – Believe it or not being on the right Twitter List can increase your ability to be re-tweeted.  People utilize their lists to keep the people they want to hear from front and center.  Lists can be as important on the Retweetometer as the number of followers.  Lists are a great measure of content value.  GET LISTED!
  • 9. REPEAT – Repeat #1.  This is by far the most important aspect of being re-tweeted and often times the most over-looked.  Leave at least 18 characters, if you can leave 36 that’s even better… you have potentially doubled your chances. SPACE IS KEY!
  • 10. BLOG ABOUT IT –  Write a simple blogpost about How To Get Re-Tweeted. 🙂  In all seriousness write about Twitter or Social Media – People in the world of Social Media love to share content about Social Media. TOPIC MATTERS!
  • Bonus: Your name is Rev Run aka @revrunwisdom

Share your thoughts on these Top 10 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted. Do you have any additional ways to add to the list?

7 Practical Ways Organizations Can Leverage Social Media

The World Of Social Media is here to stay and that has major implications for the business sector, non-profits, organizations and Corporate America.  There are over 250 million bloggers, over 845 million Facebook users, 500 million Twitter users, 40 million Google+ users and 34% of these folks post opinions about products and brands.  These shared opinions are a big deal, as research shows 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements.

The problem with social media advertising is that many companies don’t have a clear understanding of how to leverage social media for their business.  There are a growing number of businesses whose primary focus and business model is to help organizations leverage social media and they will even do all of the social media work for the companies.

There are a growing number of businesses that seem to have a functional Social Media plan.  If used properl, Social Media can be an amazing value-add to a company.  There is definitely more than one way to skin the Business Social Media Cat; however it’s important to employ a method that makes sense.

Here are 7 Practical Ways Organizations Can Leverage Social Media

1.  Develop A Plan- The old proverb of those who fail to plan, plans to fail is definitely true when it comes to businesses and social media.  Develop a plan that starts with the end result in mind.  Ask questions such as: Are we trying to create engagement, awareness, share promotions, share industry news, be relevant, provide a conversations hub for customers…?  Next question, How are we going co-brand our social media brand with our existing brand?

Developing a plan takes time, energy and research.  Take your time, develop a plan or hire someone to help you with the plan before you get jump in and get started.  That is one of the services that my company offers, we love helping organizations with strategy.  If you have already begun, you should assess your existing plan and re-engage with the new plan.  Abraham Lincoln says it this way, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my ax.”

2. Know Your Voice- This is the golden rule as it pertains to Social Media.  If you are speaking on behalf of John Q Organization, make sure that you speak from that voice.  Businesses tend to confuse or overlap the voice of their personal brand with the voice of their business brand.

If you are tweeting or posting Facebook updates for your Coffee Shop, you should not be tweeting about mowing your grass, unless of course you are mentioning that it’s time to have a nice cup of Joe afterwards.  An easy solution to make sure your business voice is the one speaking is to ask this question before posting — If my company could tweet or post, would they share this?  Don’t take away the human and personal interaction element, simply be mindful of your voice.

3.  Be Social- The most important thing about social media is the social part and not the media.  If you look @Starbucks and @Southwestair Twitter streams, they are always interacting with customers and people.   One of the best organizations in the country that appropriately leverages the aspect of being social is @KCIAirport.  These guys are brilliant, if you want to see how you can be social, handle customer concerns and build a social media brand by doing the basics. Check them out, they are highly regarded as one of the best!  Be Social, Be Accessible, Be Social, Be Relevant, Be Social, Be Authentic, Be Social, Be Real, Be Social, Be about Your Brand, Be Social, Be Entertaining, Be Social and did I mention BE SOCIAL!

The statistic that I shared in the beginning of this post about 78% of customers trust peer recommendations drives home the importance of being social.  I think that research could be extended to say that people are more likely to trust and promote brands they feel connected to.  Be Social!

4.  Make A Name For Yourself- This is a two-part solution.  1.) Make sure that your Twitter and Facebook names are simple, easy to remember and relevant to your company.  2.) Make a name for your company by being active in the world of social media.  Have tweet-ups at your place, provide social-media only specials, have promotions that demand viral interaction and be creative.  It does not matter if your company is large, small, on-line, or has a physical location, you can Make A Name For Yourself.   Familiarizing yourself with the 111 Twitter Tools will help you to become efficient at making a name for yourself.

5.  Make Your Profile Work- Make sure your Twitter and Facebook profile represent your company.  If your business is a coffee shop be sure to have your logo as your profile pic. and not your personal glamour shot.  Check out my 6 Ways To Make Your Twitter Profile Work.

6.  Have a Primary Social Media Application- The cool thing about the success of Twitter is that Facebook and Twitter have become kissing cousins.  Although Google+ is growing in popularity, it’s like a 2nd. or 3rd. cousin.  There are many applications that automate the connection of all of these platforms.  Although I am a proponent the multi-updates in multiple social media spaces for certain types of updates, I think it’s helpful to focus on one platform as your primary.  For me personally, my primary is Twitter; however I do send many tweets to my Facebook community.

It is great for a business to encourage their customers to connect with them on multiple Social Media medians; however having one or the other as a primary helps with clarity.  Imagine your company as bi-lingual.  The question is: Is your company’s native language Twitterese, Facebookish, Google+ese etc.?  Answer that question and speak that language to your customers.

Again, I prefer Twitter and according to research so do Fortune 100 Companies.  As a matter of fact 77% of Fortune 100 companies have active Twitter accounts and that number is increasing each year. That number is significantly higher than the 61% of Fortune 100 companies that have a Facebook page.  The bottom line is this: Twitter is simple and engaging.

7. Make It Fun- No matter the strategy you choose, make it fun for your customers.  Fun, engaging, enlightening… should be the words your customers use to describe your social media presence.  This isn’t necessarily “crack jokes” fun, but it’s definitely not blah blah blah boring.

The bottom line is that Social Media can definitely be a benefit to every business and business owner.  Use It, Try It, Be It, Become A Fan Of It, Study It, Know It, Become Good At Leveraging It.  In the future, “It” May Just Make or Break Your Company.

“It” Is Social Media!

What do you think?  What companies do a great job of leveraging Social Media?  Share your thoughts.

Twitter Proves To Be Ultimate #SuperBowl Fill-In

Even prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI, Twitter proved to be the ultimate fill-in. By fill-in, I’m referring to the fact that Twitter served as the great bridge for time and space. It didn’t matter whether you were an emphatic fan or the casual observer simply looking forward to the Super Bowl commercials, Twitter provided instant and on-going engagement.

Whether it was the New England wide-receiver Tiquan Underwood ( @TiUnderwood ) who was cut on Super Bowl eve sharing his game thoughts, @mashable hosting a live Super Bowl commercial chat or the millions of others who were joining in on some type of Twitter Super Bowl chatter. Bottom line is Twitter was the place to be, share and comment; additionally Twitter doubled as advertisement for the commercials that worked and those that missed the mark.

Twitter has changed the way people view events and the way that people engage culture. It’s the fill-in that provides instantaneous feedback. If you want to know what people really think about Howard Stern being one of the new hosts of America’s Got Talent, simply check your Twitter during the fill-in times. My observations were that most people were not fans. On the other hand, people were fans of the Volkswagen commercial that had some continuation of last year’s Darth Vader commercial.

If you want to know what people thought about Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of the National Anthem or whether or not the 53 year-old Madonna still has “It,” all you had to do was check twitter. People were able to fill-in their time with thoughts with everything ranging from Cee-Lo’s dress-like choir robe to the nun-like robes sported by the rest of the choir. Unfortunately for Madonna, many people had opinions on her performance and her wardrobe malfunction fall that NBC didn’t do a good job of editing out.

Time and space no longer have to be boring, lackluster or uneventful, because Twitter serves as the ultimate fill-in. Twitter continues to prove it’s game changing, news breaking and people connecting ability. Twitter allows people the luxury to think out loud and those thoughts to be shared with people around the globe. If you don’t want to think out loud, you can at least casually observe the thoughts of others.  No matter what you think or how you think, here is some food for thought: According to Tech Crunch, Twitter reportedly received over 10,000 tweets per second during the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl.  That’s what you call filling in a lot of time and space.

My final Super Bowl thought while filling in time and space on Twitter was this, “Tomorrow’s Headline: ‘The Playbook of Eli.’ #superbowl

Is Twitter the ultimate fill-in? Did you use Twitter to fill-in time and space? If so, please share your interactions and observations.

15 Funniest People On Twitter That Keep It Clean

Laughter is good for the soul and there is nothing better than a good laugh.  Laughter is seriously a smile that can’t control itself.  The best kind of funny is the clean, witty type of funny.
Laughter is one of those things that can infiltrate all aspects of your life if you will allow it.  The optimist laughs to forget while the pessimist forgets to laugh.  Don’t forget to laugh, and if you’re the one creating the funny, don’t forget to keep it clean.
“Nothing shows a man’s character more than what he laughs at.”  ~J. Wolfgang
I wanted to get somewhat of a collection of funny people on Twitter that keep it clean. (I think deep down inside somewhere I want to be a comedian.)  I sent out this tweet last night: “share the funniest people on twitter that keep it clean… Your responses will be a blogpost. Ready, Set, Go!”  Below are the responses that made the cut (in no particular order).

These are simply to top names that were submitted in response to my tweet.  Kind of like My Peoples Choice Awards. “My Peoples” was an attempt to be funny.  Some of my peoples people didn’t make the list because they didn’t update often enough (like never), the names were submitted too late (I was finished writing this post) or something about them simply wasn’t funny (discretion).

Side-note: @Tysonramsdell & @PastorProblems submitted their own names… now that’s funny. 🙂

Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.  Seriously share the funniest people that keep it clean below.  Share their twitter name and any other information that you would like.  I’ll add the names to this list and maybe over the next few weeks we can get a comprehensive list.

Again, add to the list or share some of your favorites from the above list.

Don’t forget to laugh…

Understanding The 3 Dimensions Of Twitter

Some time ago, I remember taking a trip to Nashville.  While in Nashville, I had the opportunity to have lunch with the former CEO and Now Chairman of The Board of Thomas Nelson Publishing Michael Hyatt.

Not only was Michael the CEO of Thomas Nelson, he’s an avid blogger and Social Media enthusiast.  In my opinion he’s one of the best in the business as it relates to high-level CEO leaders understanding the “how to” and the “importance of” leveraging social media for their organization and building of their personal brand.

During the course of our conversation we talked publishing, leadership, a little politics and all things social media.  As we were talking we both agreed on the implications of Twitter and how it’s changed the view of people.  By changing the view of people, I’m referring to the fact that Twitter let’s you view people in 3D.  Grab your 3D Glasses and let me explain.

I came up with these 3 particular dimensions of Twitter that in my opinion are the key elements in understanding what Twitter is all about — what Twitter is all about from the perspective of leverage, influence, relationships and connection.

Twitter allows us to see people in the following 3 Dimensions: Personal, Professional & Thought.  

1. Personal Dimension– The Personal Dimension is the dimension of Twitter where individuals share things about life and family, and is filled with many twitpics, yfrogs and LOL’s.  This is the dimension of Twitter where personality really pops out to the world of Twitter.  This dimension is most important and sets the tone for how the other two dimensions come into focus.

2. Professional Dimension– The Professional Dimension is the dimension that allows you to share expertise, experiences, thoughts, visions, trends, happenings… in your area of professionalism.  This is the dimension where the social media professional shares all things social media, the doctor shares all things medicine, the stay-at-home mom shares all things mommy, the pastor shares all things ministry and so on.  The personal and professional dimension will definitely have some overlap.

The professional dimension is the dimension where business twitter accounts should always remain.  It’s not pragmatic for business twitter accounts to share information from the personal dimension.  I other-words @starbucks  should not be tweeting about mowing the lawn, unless they are mowing the lawn and drinking a cup of Starbucks.  Starbucks should be tweeting about all things Starbucks Coffee and all things Starbucks Coffee Customers.  Unfortunately, some business twitter accounts get this one wrong all the time.

It’s important to understand that your followers may view your professional dimension a little broader than your professional role.  For instance Michael Hyatt is not just viewed as the CEO of Thomas Nelson, but also as a Social Media Expert, Blogger and Leadership Guru.  In this dimension I am viewed as a Pastor, Blogger, Social Media Guy, Leadership Guy etc.  If you want to know how the Twitter World views you, simply take a look at the categories of Twitter Lists that people have placed you in.

3. Thought Dimension- The Thought Dimension is the dimension that deals with cognition.  Cognition—being the mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, thinking, reasoning, and judgment.  This is the dimension that releases what’s going on inside of your head.  This dimension is filled with random quotes, random thoughts, the sharing of information that you have read or opinions that you may have.

The Thought Dimension will have overlap with both the Personal Dimension and the Professional Dimension.  I gather the most useful information from the Though Dimension.  @RevRunWisdom  has mastered the thought dimension. He is one of the most retweeted individuals on Twitter and 100% of his posts originate from this dimension.  Again, I love to share and receive from this dimension.  My life philosophy is this: dream BIG. think BIGGER.

In order for an individual to have a well-rounded and effective Twitter experience, they must be able to see Twitter In 3D.  All three dimensions must be present.  Personally I think a Twitter Profile should outline these three areas in order. For instance, here is how my twitter profile reads: Husband, Father, Leader, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant, Author of #ChurchDiversity#OKC… Al Gore invented the internet and I invented the #FistBump on Twitter!

Now You Can See, Twitter In 3D.

What Do You Think?  Share your thoughts regarding the 3 Dimensions Of Twitter.

Digital Nativity Scene (Featuring The Social Media Networks)

What part of this Digital Nativity Scene stood out to you the most? What caught your attention, made you smile, made you laugh etc.?

Tim Tebow, Twitter, Competitive Greatness & The Kingdom Of God

Each and every week for the last eight weeks I have watched this young man Tim Tebow exemplify what being a winner is all about.  It’s about focusing on the task, giving credit where credit is due, understanding there is no “I” in team, making those around you better and embracing the concept of competitive greatness.

The short and skinny is that against all odds, critics and naysayers, Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos, and keeps getting it done.  The Mile High team is 7-1 since Tebow took the helm as the starting quarterback and continues to leave many scratching their head, and others are becoming believers by the week.  It’s not simply that the Broncos are winning, but it’s the fashion in which the victories are happening.

Tim Tebow has led more 4th quarter comebacks than any other QB this season besides Eli Manning.  Yesterday’s win over the Chicago Bears was probably the most improbable as the Bears led 10-0 with 2:08 left in the game.  Let me repeat that, the Broncos beat the Chicago Bears in overtime after trailing 10-0 with 2:08 in regulation.


10 Great Things About The New Twitter #NewLook #NewTwitter #LetsFly

There haven’t been a lot of changes to Twitter as far as the look and feel since it launched. Almost a year ago Twitter launched a new look and I definitely agree that it was an improvement from the original look that we had all become accustomed to.

Well here we go again, as we approach 2012 Twitter has just launched an entirely new look and a cool little marketing name/campaign/hashtag to go with it.  The hashtag and promoted campaign is #LetsFly. I guess flying has something to do with the bird.

I am a big fan of Twitter and was one of the early, early adopters.  Not only am I a fan of Twitter and it’s overall simplicity, but also I’m a fan of the New Twitter.  Below are 10 Great Things About The New Twitter.

  • 1. The Simplicity The New Look:  Everything is right there, easy to see, easy to access and is just plain simple.
  • 2. More Room On The Border:  (Not referring to the Mexican Restaurant) The one thing that I appreciated about the original Twitter is there was more freedom for customization around the borders.  The earlier new look version condensed the side area leaving less room for customization. The new look has about the same space as the original.  I had never changed my design customization from the original version and now with the New Twitter can see the things that are in the border regions of the page.  Check out my page to see what I’m talking about.
  • 3. Home @Connect #Discover:  These are the 3 primary tabs at the top of the new page.  Not only are they the most important, but also the language is more consistent with what they are used for.  @replies @mentions @youname are really all about whom you are making an @connect with.
  • 4. Huge Display of Personal Profile:  The personal profile page is very large, easily accessible and has quick connect buttons to all of the things that you need.  Following, Followers, Favorites, Lists, Recent Images, Similar To You and a large panel of your most recent tweets all right there “large and in charge” in front of your face.
  • 5. Quick Access To Compose Tweet: You can quickly compose a tweet from the home page in a small box on the left immediately under your brief profile display.  You can go to the right of the page and click the feathered pen icon for a more traditional way to compose a tweet.
  • 6. Sensitive To Newbies: This look and feel is much more maneuverable for first timers and newbies trying to navigate around the site.  The new look provides multiple options to get around and access anything.
  • 7. Twitter Mobile Is Clean and App-Like: If you interact on Twitter’s website from you iPhone or mobile device, it’s very clean and App-Like.  I’m not sure if App-like is a word, nonetheless I mean it looks and functions like a clean App.
  • 8. Continuity: There is not much difference between my iPhone App, Twitter Mobile and The Twitter website.  I’m still browsing around the app; there were a few features that I liked on the previous app; however the continuity makes it a win for me.
  • 9. View Photo Feature: There have been several additions over the months for Twitter to interact better with user’s media that they share.  Recent interactive features for photos had already been implemented prior to the new twitter.  The simplicity of the “view photo” feature on the New Twitter is an improvement, as more and more people want to interact with the media of their friends and followers.
  • 10. Change Is Good: I like the fact that Twitter is changing and staying fresh.  I’m not saying change for the sake of changing; I’m saying change for the sake of growing.  Most of the changes Twitter made are steps towards forward progress.

Those are my thoughts on the #NewTwitter and the #NewLook.   Share your thoughts!

What do you like, dislike, want to see, want to change, etc.?  #LetsFly

Check out Twitter’s video of the New Twitter below:

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