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10 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader

Here are 10 Simple Ways That Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader, all in 140 or less.

  • 1. I Want Access– You have access to the thoughts, lives, principles & activities of some of the best leaders and leadership authors in the world.
  • 2. Let’s Be Open- Allowing those that U work for, w/ or may potentially work with in the future to take a more open look at your life. The Other Side Of You!
  • 3. Think Before You Act– Forces U 2 think before U tweet realizing that everything U tweet is permanent; all leadership decision R permanent at least 4 that moment.
  • 4. Keep It Pithy- U have 2 get straight 2 the point, 140 or less. Streamline yr thoughts, say what’s necessary, make it meaningful & Realize yr words matter!
  • 5. What’s The 411- There is an abundance of relevant information at your fingertips, current events, tech., trends, culture, scripture, product, research…
  • 6. You’re Not My Boss–  You have to learn how to lead and connect in an environment where people are not forced to follow or connect… Why should I listen to you?
  • 7. Don’t Be A Phony- Authenticity is critical for a leader! People smell a phony a mile away. Be Real, Be yourself. “Do You, It’s a Statement… Not a Question!”
  • 8. Development is about others- You have the ability to encourage, inspire, help, shape, lead & develop others. Make your tweets leadership matter.
  • 9. Influence is Earned-  You must earn your influence on Twitter & leadership is the same way. It’s about what you get, it’s about what you give.
  • 10. Two Way Street- Open comm. & feedback between leaders & followers is must for gr8 leaders. Be open to feedback, comm. & criticism frm Twitter followers.

Share your thoughts on this list of 10 or add additional to the list… of course in 140 or less!

10 Ways Twitter Can Make A Difference

Twitter continues to grow and be a major source of news and connection for millions of people.  I remember in they early days when everyone thought it was no more than a fad.  Twitter has definitely moved past the fad stage and you can’t turn on your radio or television without someone sharing their twitter handle.  The same is true for all print materials and other forms of advertisements.

Twitter has many great uses and one of them is the fact that it can be used to make a difference.  Earlier this year I shared an extremely popular post entitled: 50 Ways Twitter Has Positively Impacted The World. The post consists of thoughts from 50 different people in the Twittersphere and their thoughts on how Twitter Has Positive Impacted The World.  Check it out here:

Today, I’m sharing 10 Ways Sharing On Twitter Can Make A Difference.

  • 1.  Share A Quote:  There is something about quotes that seem to have a profound impact on people and the way they think.  Take a quote that’s somewhere in the 120 character range and the impact is elevated to an even higher level, and it’s definitely more memorable.  The great thing about quotes is the fact that people love to retweet them and share them.  Quotes have multiplication power, due to the fact that every quote speaks to each individual differently.  Here is a recent leadership quote that I shared that will speak differently to everyone who reads it: “Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.” – Vince Lombardi
  • 2. Share Scripture: It’s always great to get nuggets of the living, breathing word of God in the world of Twitter.  It’s also nice to learn and connect with what other individuals, leaders, pastors and organizations are reading.  Not only can I share Bible verses that I’m reading, I can read countless other Bible verses in my timeline throughout the day.  In case you didn’t know, Twitter Is In The Bible.
  • 3. Share The Good Stuff: By the good stuff, I’m referring to deals, favorites, coupons, promotions, groupons, retweet-this-win-this, things that can benefit others…  You know what I’m talking about, The Good Stuff.
  • 4. Share Pictures: We’ve all heard the modern use of the old phrase “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words.” That phrase stems from an article by Fred R. Barnard in Printers’ Ink, promoting the use of images that appeared on the sides of streetcars.  The December 1921 issue had an ad entitled, “One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words.”  When it comes to sharing pics on twitter there are many photo sharing services popping up and twitter’s version of this old phrase is more like: “A picture is worth 1,000 thoughts, 1,000 views, 1,000 retweets…”  The bottom line is all of the family pics., random moments, food pics, life moments, children pics., timeless moments etc. all can impact our day in a positive way.  A picture is worth more than 140 characters.
  • 5. Share Your Thoughts:  This really gets back to the Twitter basics.  The original Twitter question that twitter asked for your status update was, What are you doing?  It has now evolved to a more appropriate question, What’s happening?   Somewhere in between those two questions is the question of, What are you thinking? Humans have thousands of thoughts per day and those thoughts can have and impact on our friends in the Twittersphere.  Those thoughts can make you laugh, cry, shout, scream and even make you think.  For instance, comedian Michael Jr. @MichaelJrComedy tweeted this over the weekend: It’s cold at this soccer game! I know a grown man shouldn’t say this n public, but… I wish I had a snuggie.  That made me laugh and smile.  Yesterday, my family and I were in the car listening to an old gospel song “I’m Just A Nobody” by the Williams brothers.   The entire family was singing the lyrics, laughing, worshiping, ad-libbing and having a good ol’ time.  The chorus got stuck in my head, so I shared it on Twitter. Here is the chorus,  “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody!”  That thought was retweeted over 100 times and counting.  It’s guaranteed that the truth of those lyrics made a difference in someone’s life.
  • 6. Share Words Of Encouragement: Public words of encouragement and/or retweets with a nice message at the end can go a long way.  I say encourage and encourage often.  Encourage others and challenge those that follow you to encourage others.  Encouragement is the fuel that propels you down the road of success.
  • 7. Share Great Information: Whether it’s the latest trend, newest technology release, a great book, an inspiring Seth Godin article, a Mashable find, the latest fashion trends, questions about a product, a great place to dine in a particular city or the recent release of the College Football BCS results, Twitter is definitely one of the best places to gather and share information.
  • 8. Share A Cause: On a daily basis I’m either reading or sharing information about a great cause or charity. Twitter makes it simple for us to be helpful to those who are trying to reach a fundraising goal, get information out about a great cause or share information about a movement.  The students at Penn State used Twitter as a tool to promote their “Blue Out” event at this weekends football game against Nebraska.  The stadium was filled with blue in honor of and in order to bring awareness to the epidemic that is the abuse of children.
  • 9. Share Breaking News: Twitter is a great source to share breaking news…  You can almost guarantee that Twitter will be the 1st or at the latest 2nd place for breaking news.  The death of Michael Jackson was trending on Twitter before the major news outlets could even catch up.  The ultimate breaking news from twitter was from the Abbottabad man who unknowingly tweeted the raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden.  His initial tweet was this: “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” 
  • 10. Share Your Lives: I am a huge believer in genuine face to face relationships; however I have embraced the tremendous value of Twitter and Social Media relationships.  Social Media relationships are making the world smaller and smaller.  This Big ol’ World is getting Smaller and Smaller, One Tweet, Comment and One Post at a time.  It’s always important to remember the Social Part of the word Social Media.  Social is defined as — The inclination to seek out or enjoy the company of others; sociable.  Twitter is a great place to share your life and connect with the lives of others.
Is Twitter Making A Difference?  Share your thoughts and experiences with How Twitter Can Make A Difference?

7 Ways To Leverage Social Media For Your Business

The World Of Social Media is here to stay and that has major implications for the business sector, organizations and Corporate America.  There are over 220 million bloggers, over 600 million Facebook users, 175 million Twitter users and 34% of these folks post opinions about products and brands.  These shared opinions are a big deal, as research shows 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements.

The problem with social media advertising is that many companies don’t have a clear understanding of how to leverage social media for their business.  There are a growing number of businesses whose primary focus and business model is to help organizations leverage social media and they will even do all of the social media work for the companies.

There are a growing number of businesses that seem to have a functional Social Media plan.  If used correctly, Social Media can be an amazing value-add to a company.  There is definitely more than one way to skin the Business Social Media Cat; however it’s important to employ a method that makes sense.

Here are 7 Ways Businesses Should Leverage Social Media

1.  Develop A Plan- The old proverb of those who fail to plan, plans to fail is definitely true when it comes to businesses and social media.  Develop a plan that starts with the end result in mind.  Do you have a desire to promote offers, promotions and coupons?  If so how are you going to do it.  Are you going to make Social Media the main communication hub for your customers, how are you co-branding your social media platform with your existing brand.

Developing a plan takes time, energy and research.  Take your time, develop a plan or hire someone to help you with the plan before you get jump in and get started.  If you have already begun, you should assess your existing plan and re-engage with the new plan.  Abraham Lincoln says it this way, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my ax.”

2. Know Your Voice- This is the golden rule as it pertains to Social Media.  If you are speaking on behalf of John Q Organization, make sure that you speak from that voice.  Businesses tend to confuse or overlap the voice of their personal brand with their business brand.

If you are tweeting or posting Facebook updates for your Coffee Shop, you should not be tweeting about mowing your grass, unless of course you are mentioning that it’s time to have a nice cup of Joe afterwards.  An easy solution to make sure your business voice is the one speaking is to ask this question before posting — If my company could tweet or post, would they share this?

3.  Be Social- The most important thing about social media is the social part and not the media.  If you look @Starbucks and @Southwestair Twitter streams, they are always interacting with customers and people.   One of the best organizations in the country that appropriately leverages the aspect of being social is @KCIAirport.  These guys are brilliant, if you want to see how you can be social, handle customer concerns and build a social media brand by doing the basics.  Check them out!  Be Social, Be Accessible, Be Social, Be Relevant, Be Social, Be Authentic, Be Social, Be Real, Be Social, Be about Your Brand, Be Social, Be Entertaining, Be Social and did I mention BE SOCIAL!

The statistics that I shared in the beginning of this post about 78% of customers trust peer recommendations drives home the importance of being social.  I think that research could be extended to say that people are more likely to trust and promote brands they feel connected to.  Be Social!

4.  Make A Name For Yourself- This is a two-part solution.  1.) Make sure that your Twitter and Facebook names are simple, easy to remember and relevant to your company.  2.) Make a name for your company by being active in the world of social media.  Have tweet-ups at your place, provide social-media only specials, have promotions that demand viral interaction and be creative.  @dealsplus has done a great job of demanding online viral interaction.  It does not matter if your company is large, small, on-line, or has a physical location, you can Make A Name For Yourself. Familiarizing yourself with the 111 Twitter Tools will help you to become efficient at making a name for yourself.

5.  Make Your Profile Work- Make sure your Twitter and Facebook profile represent your company.  If your business is a coffee shop be sure to have your logo as your profile pic. and not your personal glamour shot.  Check out my 6 Ways To Make Your Twitter Profile Work.

6.  Have a Primary Social Media Application- The cool thing about the success of Twitter is that Facebook and Twitter have become kissing cousins.   There are many applications that automate the connection of the two platforms.  Although I encourage the multi-updates in both spaces, it is helpful to focus on one platform as your primary.  For me personally, my primary is Twitter, although every single tweet goes to my Facebook community.

It is great for a business to encourage their customers to connect with them on multiple Social Media medians; however having one or the other as a primary helps with clarity.  Imagine your company as bi-lingual.  The question is: Is your company’s native language Twitterese or Facebookese etc.?  Answer that question and speak that language to your customers.

7. Make It Fun- No matter the strategy you choose, make it fun for your customers.  Fun, engaging, enlightening… should be the words your customers use to describe your social media presence.  This isn’t necesarrily “crack jokes” fun, but it’s definitely not blah blah blah boring.

The bottom line is that Social Media can definitely be a benefit to every business and business owner.  Use It, Try It, Be It, Become A Fan Of It, Study It, Know It, Become Good At Leveraging It.  In the future, “It” Can Make or Break Your Company.

“It” Is Social Media!

What do you think?  What companies do a great job of leveraging Social Media?  Share your thoughts.


10 Reasons Many Bloggers Start… But Only Few Finish!


I have been reading blogs and writing this blog for quite some time now, around 5 years to be exact. I have seen lots of trends in the world of blogging during those 5 years.  One of the more copious trends is individuals who set out in a furious sprint to be an avid blogger, only to find their blog desire come to a screeching halt.  As a matter of fact probably 50% of the bloggers that are featured on my blogroll probably have not updated in well over a month and many have forgotten about their blog altogether.

10 Reasons Many Blogger Start… Only Few Finish!

  • 1. Don’t have the right motivation to start a blog: Often times bloggers want to be the next Seth Godin or have so many people read their blog it crashes servers.  That’s definitely a motivation; however a great place to start from as it relates to motivation is simply this – write because you have something to share and you want to share it… period.  Ask: What’s my motivation?
  • 2. Don’t realize the commitment: The commitment that it takes to whip out consistent content is often times overlooked.  Just as sure as the next calendar day is coming, so is the commitment to write another blogpost.  Having the commitment to produce consistent content is key.  A blog is like a newspaper and if you expect it to be delivered daily and all of the sudden it’s not… you will start reading another newspaper.  Same things is true for a blog.  Ask: Am I committed to this?
  • 3. Don’t take the time to develop a strategy: Strategy is very important, how, when, why etc.  Abraham Lincoln says is this way, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my ax.” Ask: Do I have a blogging strategy for success.
  • 4. No one is reading:  It takes the right motivation, commitment, consistency, strategy, good content & patience before people will start reading.  There are some overnight success blog stories, but most success is a result of bloggers grinding it out.  Ask: Am I willing to write even if no one is reading?
  • 5. Nothing To Write About: Bloggers will quickly lose motivation as they lose creativity and inspiration.  What once started as a great place to share creativity, turns into an “Oh no, I don’t have anything to write about.”  This is where a strategy for the what and how to write will be helpful.  It’s important that bloggers find sources for inspiration and push threw the periods of creative blocks.  Even if you don’t have anything to write, write something, it’s the consistent act of writing that’s helpful.  Ask: Am I going to be intentional to seek out places for consistent inspiration & motivation?
  • 6. Not willing to learn: Every blogger has their own style and rhythm; however it’s important from bloggers to learn from other bloggers.  Bloggers could address every concern in this post if they would simply learn from others who are a few steps ahead of them.  Do you have a photography blog, make it a consistent point to read some of the best photography blogs in the world.  Need some inspiration or want to learn from one of the best bloggers there is, read Seth Godin’s blog.  Simply put, bloggers give up because they are not learning from the bloggers that finish strong.  Ask: Am I willing to learn from other bloggers?
  • 7. Lack Of Discipline: Discipline is defined as activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.  Most bloggers simply lack the discipline to make it work over a period of time.  Ask: Am I gonna put in the work over time to create discipline?
  • 8. Lack Of Comments: Often times bloggers confuse comments with the degree of engagement.  There is sometimes a positive correlation between readers and comments; however over the years I have come to realize that some of my more popular posts didn’t necessarily always have the most comments, as a matter of fact on average you get about 1 comment per 100 readers.  Some bloggers have created communities that can drastically skew that number either way.I believe the Twitter Effect On Blogging has impacted comments overall.  Bloggers must be willing to write even though no one is commenting and try the 10 Techniques To Get More comments On Your Blog. Ask: Will I still write even though no one is commenting?
  • 9. Don’t Want To Invest The Time: Blogging is a serious time commitment and most people do not want to invest the time necessary for the blog to be successful.  Michael Hyatt outlines a very detailed post on How To Write A BlogPost In 70 Minutes Or Less. That may seem like  a lot of time, if you want to be good, you will have to invest some time.  Ask:  Am I willing to invest the necessary time needed for my blog to be successful?
  • 10. The Time Has Come: I believe that there is a time for everything, including a time to start and a time to finish.  Sometimes bloggers need to be intellectual honest and admit that their blog season has run it’s course.  It’s okay to just move on. Ask: Has my blog season come to an end?

Don’t simply start the race… Finish!

Why do you think Many Bloggers Start,  Only Few Finish?  Share your thoughts and experiences of bloggers not finishing the race.

10 Things Twitter Is Not

Is Not…

  • 1. Email: Stop thinking that you you have to answer every tweet, read every tweet and when you miss some tweets, stop feeling like your twitter inbox is full.  Imagine Twitter as a River and Not as a LakeTwitter is not email!
  • 2. A Chat-room: Don’t think that it’s appropriate for  you and your friends to have an open stream of conversations that last 15-20 tweets, unless your are directly @replying to them.  DM is a great place to chat. Twitter is not a chat-room!
  • 3. A Porn Site: Take your soft porn and bikini profile pics somewhere else, everyone knows that you just cropped the pics from the web and you really aren’t impressing anyone and don’t get me started on the random, ridiculous spammy links to vulgarity.  Fortunately, twitter porn people seem to be dying a slow death, you know why: Twitter is not a porn site!
  • 4. Your Little Black Book–  For those of you that may be too young to know what a Little Black Book is, it’s a term that was often used for personal address book or personal rolodex. If you think that you have to personally know everyone that you follow or follows you, you are missing the point of Twitter.  You don’t have to personally know all of your tweeps; however you can make some great friendships and connections. There are many great applications and list features to help you manage your Twitter rolodex.  Twitter is not Your Little Black Book!
  • 5. The Barney Show- Don’t feel like you have to sing the “Barney Song”  with everyone in the Twitterverse “I follow you, you follow me… we are one big happy twamily, with a great big follow from me to you, won’t you say I’ll follow you to.”  You can reciprocate follows if you want to, especially if they seem interesting, seem like someone you want to connect with, a celebrity you like, add value to the conversation, have similar interests/backgrounds, are not spammers etc.  Additionally, there is definitely nothing wrong with following everyone, as it’s a matter of preference.  The bottom line is don’t feel obligated to follow-back anybody and everybody, keyword “Obligated.” Twitter is not The Barney Show!
  • 6. A Courtroom: Just because you have a contrarian opinion about something someone tweeted, doesn’t mean they’re going get into a courtroom debate with you in the TwitterSphere.  They tweet an opinion and you comment on that opinion, or you tweet and they comment and it should probably stop there.  Don’t try to round up 12 of your @ buddies to be jurors and get your back in some kind of war of the TwitterSphere debate.  Twitter Is not A Courtroom!
  • 7. Facebook: There are many similarities between Twitter and Facebook and many people have Facebook and Twitter linked together; however they are not one in the same.  The two platforms perform two different functions, although some people are still divided about which one they prefer.  Twitter is simple, easy and a great place to get instant information and Facebook is not.  Facebook is making a bunch of cha’ ching and Twitter is not. Yet!  Although they both may be from Arkansas and are kissing cousins.  Twitter is not Facebook!
  • 8. Faceless: Although Faceless may be an Arkansas relative to Facebook, it’s not related to Twitter.  Faceless is absent of a face.  Make sure that your profile pic. is a real picture of you or your brand’s logo.  The pic. should be a tight shot, preferably a head-shot; no full-lengths or far-away shots. Don’t waste your time with the Avatars; you’re too unique to have some computer generated version of you. The Twitter Egg for a profile pic is the lamest of lame, if you take the time to set up an account, take 2 minutes to add a pic.   Your profile pic. is one of the most important aspects of your profile, as people need to know who you are before they listen to what you have to say.   If you are using your brand or logo, make sure it’s scalable to make sense for a Twitter profile pic.  Check out these examples of the 30 Types Of Twitter Profile Pics.
  • 9. Google+: There seems to be a lot of chatter about the greatness of Google+ and I’ll be honest and say I have an account, I’ve made some connections and see some potential; however I’ve simply yet to become a fan.  I’m a fan of Twitter, I’m not yet a fan of Google+.  Maybe I’ll be converted at some point, as of now it’s Google-.  Twitter is not Google+!
  • 10. Monkey-See–Monkey-Do – Although I’ve shared many things that Twitter is Not, it’s important to realize that Twitter is a place for you to be you.  Don’t feel like you have to be a copy cat, or follow this trend, or because everyone is now doing this or that — you feel like you have to do this or that.  Stop with the mimicry, be yourself.  Twitter is not Monkey-See–Monkey-Do!

There are so many things that Twitter Is and even more things that Twitter Is Not! Share your thoughts on any of these 10 Things Twitter Is Not and add some additional things to the Twitter Is Not list.

The Who, Why and How Of Twitter

Twitter is definitely here to stay and is growing at a rate 460k new accounts and 177 million tweets per day.  Now that we understand that Twitter is here to stay, this infographic helps us to identify the Who, Why and How of Twitter. Check it out and share your thoughts.

Again, share your thoughts on Twitter, its use and the findings in this infographic.

What Is Google+ (Google Plus) and Why Do I Need It?

What Is Google+ and Why Do I Need It?  This short video will answer that question.

Facebook In Real Life (Video)

Funny video about Facebook, played out (IRL) In Real Life.

Thoughts? What elements caught your attention or would you add to this video?

Church Diversity only $4.99 for 72hrs

First of all I want to thank everyone who has supported the Church Diversity movement by either purchasing a copy of the book or sharing the message in their sphere of influence.  As I travel around the country and share the message I’m constantly amazed at how ready the Body of Christ is to receive the message.  There are churches that are taking their entire congregation through the book, small groups and individuals just like you and I that desire to see a little “Heaven on Earth.”

Again, the message is being very well received and I simply want to say, “Thank You.”  My publishing New Leaf Publishing Group is offering Church Diversity: Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week for only $4.99 for 72 hours.  This promo is going out to those of you who are a part of the and communities.

Church Diversity will be available for purchase in Kindle, Nook, iBook, Sony Reader or PDF formats for only $4.99 from Purchasers can also request a complimentary copy be sent to their pastor.  That’s right for the next 72 hours you and your friends can purchase a digital copy of Church Diversity for only $4.99 (right here) and a complimentary copy be sent to your pastor.  That’s like a double deal. 🙂

Thanks again for your support, please share this within your social media circles.  Did I just type circles?  Must be thinking about Google+, just when I thought Facebook and Twitter were enough.

#FistBump & Thanks for your support…  We are just getting started!

5 Ways Twitter Can Bring Inspiration to Your 4th Of July

  • 1. Family– As you read all the tweets about 4th of July  family picnics, outings, events… it might be just the encouragement that you need to do something with your family.  If you are already hangin’ with your family or read tweets about people wishing they were with their family; those tweets will remind you to appreciate and value your family time.
  • 2. Food– Let’s be honest you are going to read more tweets about burgers, brats, hot-dogs, steaks, charcoal, baked-beans, polish sausage, hot-links, chicken… in the next 24 hours then you will in the next year.  If you’re a guy, your competitive spirit will have you whipping up your secret recipes and throwing something on the grill.  As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet 50% of the Twitpics will be taken of some form of grilled meat.
  • 3. Fun- It doesn’t get much more fun than the 4th of July.  The kids love it, you love it, people sitting at home doing nothing but watching the festivities on television love it and the people in the TwitterWorld love it even more, because they get to share their 4th of July fun with all their Social Media friends.  These exuberant Tweets of fun might just inspire you to turn up your personal or family Fun-o-meter and do the Dougie, Jerk or Cha-Cha Slide right where you are.
  • 4. Fireworks- This is one of the key ingredients of this huge patriotic celebration, as the culmination is blowing stuff up or an awesome fireworks display.  People will find themselves doing one of three things when darkness strikes their neck of the woods: 1. Shooting Fireworks  2. Watching fireworks displays live  3. Watching fireworks displays on television.  No matter which of the three describes an individual’s situation, the end result will be Twitpics of fireworks filling up the Twitter streams.  Not only do you get to share Twitpics of your fireworks display, but you can follow and re-tweet your favorite friends and celebrities that you follow.  I mentioned in reason #3 that 50% of the Twitpics will be taken of some sort of grilled meat, the other 50% will be taken of fireworks displays.
  • 5. Freedom- As we celebrate the Declaration Of Independence, we must always remember that Freedom Is Never FREE.  Be sure to send a tweet thanking the men and women of The United States Armed Forces (Past & Present) who fight to protect our freedom.

What will your 4th of July Festivities look like?  Will you be Tweeting about them?

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