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Should Men Open Car Doors For Women?

One of the many cool thing about working with my team is the spirited debates that we have on a regular basis.  The subject matter of these debates covers a wide range of topics including: theology, politics, leadership, ministry philosophy, parenting… to things like:”Should Men Open Car Doors For Women?”  Today’s debate was dealing with exactly that question: “Should Men Open Car Doors For Women?”

Today’s discussion had input not only from our campus team, but the other teams who share a building with us joined in on the fun.  There were some common themes in the responses from the guys, when asked the following question: “Do You Open The Door For Your Wife/Girlfriend?”  The responses included:

  • Sometimes or It depends
  • I used to when we were dating but not since we’ve been married
  • I have a key-less entry and my wife prefers me to just open the door
  • It’s not practical to open the door
  • That’s Old Fashioned

When asking the question: “Should Men Open The Car Door For Women?” The responses included:

  • Absolutely… that’s what a gentlemen does
  • Yes they should, especially if they are dating
  • Of course, that’s how you teach your son’s how they should behave
  • It depends on if the woman would like for him to or not
  • Women need to be trained to wait on the man to open the door
  • Why does the man have to be the one to open the door

What are your thoughts to either one of the above questions: Do you open the car door for your wife/girlfriend?  Does your husband/boyfriend open the car door for you?  Should Men Open The Car Door For Women?

What Happened To Bin Laden?

The crazy thing is that many of you reading this post clicked on it because you read the title and thought to yourself, “Hmm, what did happen to Bin Laden.”  Others of you clicked on it hoping to find out that something did happen to Bin Laden — Something, as in something bad. I mean seriously Mr. Evil Terrorist Guy doesn’t even get as much of a foot-line in today’s conversations, and definitely not a headline.

Seriously we are in the middle of a historic mid-term election and his name is nowhere to be found.  We live in the here and now and yesterdays news becomes old news quick.  Bin Laden of today will be the Health Care of tomorrow.  That’s why it’s important not to let your highs be real high and your lows be real low.

Simply keep on moving and focus on what’s really important.  Reognize that what may seem important and popular today, will turn into something seemingly unimportant tomorrow.

Remember MySpace, Bin Laden and The Snuggie?  Here today, gone tomorrow.

What Happened To Bin Laden? Is not about politics or terrorism.  This question should pose as a reminder that although Bin Laden is still relevant today — He’s not important.  It’s essential that we focus on the things that really matter The 3F’s: Faith, Family and Friends.

Here today, gone tomorrow…  Spend your time today focusing on the things that will matter tomorrow.


Are You Listening: A Love Song For Haiti by Kirk Franklin & Some Gospel Friends

Let us not forget what is still going on in Haiti… Haiti needs our prayers, they need our help and they need Jesus. Share this video with others and Let us not forget what is still going on in Haiti!

How The Mighty Fall


Here is a quick thought video that I shot and originally I was outside, and that’s why I referenced it being windy.  Share your thoughts about why some mighty pastors, businesses, leaders, influencers, sports teams… fall and why some mighty leaders, influencers and Chick-fil-A’s of the world seem to stay on top. 

BigIsTheNewSmall~ Think big… Think SMALL

Do You! It's A Statement… Not A Question

Why do we try so hard to be imitation?  Thoughts!

One Of Those Days…

One Of Those Days…

What’s up World!  The last 24 hours has been what we will call “One of Those Days .”  I am not one of those people who gets all upset, bent out of shape, or all huffy puffy; instead I just take the lemons and make some lemonade if you know what I’m sayin’.  Here are a couple of tidbits of what the last 24 hours has looked like:


  • Our electricity in our neighborhood was out yesterday from around 5:00 p.m. until this morning around 10:30.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, super strong winds and tornado warnings.  🙁
  • I am having to move forward with the fraud process for my ebay purchase of this phone; and “No” I still have not received it.  🙁
  • I ran out of gas today… I know, I know… I have already received an ear-full from my wife; as she politely brought me the gas can to my side-of-the-road location.  This guy happened to drive by and we chatted for a while, as I waited on my wife.  🙁


  • We spent quality family time, while camped out in the living room with candles and flashlights.  The boys thought that was cool.  🙂
  • The guy who sold me the phone lives in Vietnam; so I can’t be tempted to go to his house and say “Hello!”  I thought about posting his e-mail address so you guys could fill up his inbox with e-mails telling him to get me my phone or my money.   🙂
  • I had a great talk with my man Aaron during my time on the side of the road.  🙂

How was your day?  How do you handle it when you have “One Of Those Days…?”

If you want to follow my days, follow me on twitter here.


Things You Should Not Do! 4 (of 4)

You Should Not Drink After Other People

I will keep this one short and sweet; you should not drink after other people unless it’s your spouse and maybe your children.  It really depends how old your children are.  🙂  If you want what I’m drinking all you have to do is ask for a drink… if you take a drink you might as well take the entire thing because I am not going to drink it anymore.

I know that there are varying opinions on this subject; what are your thoughts?

Things You Should Not Do! 3 (of 4)

You Should Not Be Alone With Someone of The Opposite Sex 

One of the things that has become common in some churches is; if you are married, you should not be alone with anyone else of the opposite sex.  In other words:

  • If you and a co-worker of the opposite sex have a meeting across town; you cannot ride alone together.
  • You can’t travel anywhere, by any means with someone of the opposite sex.
  • If you and a co-worker of the opposite sex are the last two people at the office… one of you has to leave.
  • The bottom line is that you are not allowed to be alone with someone of the opposite sex! (Period)

My girl Anne Jackson blogged about this same subject about a month ago and let me tell you there are varying opinions.  Is this a matter of personal responsibility and over the top; or is this necessary not only for church staff, but married people in general?


Things You Should Not Do! 2 (of 4)

You should not give someone of the opposite sex a front hug unless they are really close friends or family; or unless you are their pastor and they don’t give you a choice. 🙂

It’s ok for guys to do the front hug/chest-bump/back-pat.

Again, side hugs only for the opposite sex unless both parties are single!

I know that everyone does not agree with this; however share your thoughts?

I Don't Care About Gas Prices!

bottledwater_gasoline.jpgAs I was watching the news this morning AAA just released their new report about the cost of gas and it has reached an average price of $3.34 a gallon.  We have all felt the brunt of rising fuel costs and have heard all of the commentary about how much money the oil companies are making.

The gas prices have definitely impacted my budget; however I don’t even look at the price per gallon anymore.  Gas is one of those necessities that we must have in order to make the rest of our daily regimen happen.  No gas = No Work = No Play = No Food… you get the picture.   

If you purchase bottled water the cost is roughly .5 cents an ounce which equates to about $6.40 a gallon.  Not only is it higher but there have been plenty of studies that found lower levels of helpful elements such as calcium and magnesium that in tap water.  A recent and scarier AP study showed traces of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.   People take pills, their body absorbs some of the medication, and the rest is passed and flushed down the toilet.  The wastewater is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes.  Some of the water is cleansed at drinking water treatment plants and piped to the consumers, without all drug traces being removed.  If you feel better when you have your bottled water maybe it’s the Prozac or Ritalin traces. Bottled water has less stringent testing than tap water, it’s a multi billion dollar industry, it produces extra garbage, it’s not healthier than tap water and it costs a lot more.  So, if you drink bottled water, I don’t want to hear anything about the cost of gas and how much the oil companies are making.  

I buy the gas and buy the water…. but I don’t complain about either. 

Do you buy the water and complain about the gas prices? Do you complain about the billion dollar oil/gas industry and not the billion dollar water industry?  Thoughts… Discuss…

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