Video: LeBron James Dunk Show At Practice

LeBron James showing off his dunk skills, he does better dunks than this in games. I’m glad he’s working on his dunk skills, while KD is working on his championship winning skills.

Enjoy and #Thunderup

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Pastors Need To Keep Calm And Practice What They Preach

Pastors often preach about generosity and encourage their attenders to give generously, while paying their staff the minimum they can get away with. Pastors preach about folks stepping into their destiny and calling, while becoming angry when one of their staff members steps into a calling that results in leaving their team.

Pastors often preach about rest, worship and time off, while their team members can’t remember the last time they had a day off, attended a worship service or had a couple free weekends with family. Pastors often preach about not comparing ourselves to one another, while obsessing, comparing and ranking themselves to pastors down the street, around the corner and from around the country.

Pastors preach about a lot of awesome, challenging, encouraging, convicting and life giving things. Each of us should remain forever grateful for what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

Of course the statements above don’t apply to every pastor. Church planters, be aware of it. If it doesn’t apply to you, be mindful of it. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Plain and simple… Pastors Need To Keep Calm And Practice What They Preach.

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The #1 Reason The Marriages Of Church Leaders Are Failing

It’s sad to hear about marriages failing, it’s sadder to hear about Christian marriages failing and it’s the saddest to hear about the marriages of Ministry LEaders failing. Real Talk!

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Championship Organization Are Different – Lessons From The Seattle Seahawks

pete carroll
There are so many awesome stories of great organizations that seem to dance to a different beat. Whether it’s Google’s crazy awesome culture, Steve Jobs crazy quirky leadership at Apple or Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks’ crazy weird championship winning culture. The bottom line is most championship organizations are different.

Since Seattle is the latest example of how doing things different can yield serious results, lets look at some of their difference making decisions. According to an article that I had read on ESPN the magazine back in August, the Seahawks just dance to a different beat. The great thing about the article is the fact that it was written before the Seahawks had proven that they could get back to the Superbowl, let alone hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy.

In Pete Carroll’s own words, “IT”S DIFFERENT HERE!”

During their first training camp meeting, players are met by a psychologist that takes them through meditation and deep breathing. Say What? These are the biggest and baddest men on the planet doing some meditation and breathing techniques. “DIFFERENT!”

Hiring Pete Carroll, a college football coach that already failed several times in the NFL is not a popular or even wise move. “DIFFERENT!”

Carroll preaches positivity, believing in yourself, thinking about success and “Doing your job better than it has ever been done before.” Not necessarily different, but key.

The Seahawks back up their mantra of truly supporting their players by providing a huge support staff of counselors to help players through football and life. They work with the players on a regular basis and have regular mental health check-ups. If your mind and personal life isn’t taken care of there is no way that you can take care of your business in the office or on the field. “DIFFERENT!”

Carroll actually plays the best players, in many organizations the best player doesn’t play, it’s the highest paid, the most popular, the one that currently has the position etc. QB Matt Flynn was paid the big bucks and Pete Carroll decided to bench him and start a 5’10” 3rd round draft pick that 31 other teams passed on named Russell Wilson at QB. “DIFFERENT!”

The Seahawks aren’t scared to make the necessary personnel changes, they have made more roster changes in the last few years than any team in the NFL. “DIFFERENT”

Last but not least, the Seahawks have a different screening process. I truly believe that an organization is only as good as their talent screening and hiring process. As a consultant, this is the #1 thing that I try to emphasize, make sure your screening process and talent search process is right. The Seahawks are very specific when interviewing players and making sure that potential players are a DNA fit. They make sure that candidates don’t use finger-pointing or accusatory type language. They want positivity, optimism and swag. “DIFFERENT”

No matter whether you are a start-up, a church, a mom and pop business or a Fortune 100 organization, if you want to be successful, stop looking at trying to fit in and be the same. Start looking at how you are different and how you can be different. Don’t be different for the sake of being different, be different for the sake of being great.

College or Pro, Little League or Big League, a championship coach is a championship coach. Pete Carroll just put his stamp on that championship statement. As it relates to success, this statement still remains true “Everything begins and ends with leadership.” Offensive leadership – Russell Wilson. Defensive Leadership – Richard Sherman. Overall Leadership – Pete Carroll.

“Think Different!” 

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Leaders Are Born To Be Made

bornI have always appreciated the responsibility and opportunity to be a part of developing leaders. Not only do I get the opportunity to raise my boys to be leaders, but I’ve had the opportunity to have leadership responsibility for many, many people in my seemingly short lifetime. When thinking about leadership, I’ve always pondered this difficultly-simple question: “Are Leaders Born or Made?”

I know that God has uniquely wired each of us with specific DNA and for some people that includes the spiritual gift of leadership.  With this in mind, I still find myself instilling things into my sons that will prepare them to be that next generation of leaders and world changers of the future. At the same time, I will reflect on my life and be reminded of those God moments that sculpted me into who I am today.

If we take a look at the lives of Jesus’ 12 disciples and ask the question: “Were they born leaders?” I would say, probably not! A better question is: “Were they born for leadership?” Absolutely, but not without being molded and shaped into the instruments that Jesus had in mind.

There is a lot of empirical research that supports several answers to this question; those answers conclude that leaders are: Born, Made and Both. I don’t know if it’s that obvious; but I do know that I like molding and shaping, in addition to being molded and shaped.

I read a quote in an article that stated: “Some people are born to move and shake the world. Their blessings include: high energy, exceptional intelligence, self confidence and a yearning to influence others.”

I think, “Leaders are born to be made!”


Old Men Fighting In Church

I’m not sure if this video that my man @KevOnStage posted of old men fighting in church made me want to laugh or cry… so I did both.

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

A great (now classic) Ted Talk on leadership from Simon Sinek. What’s your why?

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The Top 5 Reasons You Will Succeed

success2When it comes to success, people consistently find themselves pondering these questions: Will I succeed? How will I succeed? and When will I succeed?

Instead of focussing on those questions, get right to the answers. Yes you will succeed, if you truly believe that you will succeed and as long as you don’t give up success will happen. Change your mindset, believe, have faith, work hard and know that failure is part of the success journey.

The Top 5 Reasons You Will Succeed

  • 1.) You set goals
  • 2.) You believe you will succeed
  • 3.) You work hard
  • 4.) You embrace failure
  • 5.) You never give up

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ~Michael Jordan

Keep shooting the shots of life.


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How To Know If You’re In The Will Of God

Pastor @StevenFurtick shares the comforting truth that, no matter where life has taken us or where we have taken ourselves, we still have reason to hope – because one decision can redirect our hearts toward God and drop us right in the center of His will.

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Learn To Listen and Listen To Learn

listenAs a consultant one of my key roles and responsibilities is the art of listening. Yes I have to provide great strategies, thoughts and coaching along the way; however I can’t be effective and any of those if I don’t learn to listen. The greatest compliments that clients give me is when they say that my team and I do a great job of listening and assessing. Bingo: Listen – Assess – Strategize – Coach.

As a consultant, leader, parent, spouse, coach, friend, co-worker… if you want to be effective, stop talking and Learn To Listen. Learn to listen and Listen to learn

You must learn to listen in order to get the heart, essence and meaning behind what others are saying and not just listening so that you can respond.

“Who speaks, sows; Who listens reaps.” ~Argentine Proverb

Contrary to popular belief, the more you talk, the less people listen.


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