Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday, I’m 35 and I’m getting old!


Stirring Stirred Stuff!

stuff.jpgGod is stirring some stuff up inside of me; leadership stuff, life stuff, family stuff, ministry stuff, I need to do stuff, vision stuff, what Christ is doing through me stuff, not caring what people think stuff, campus stuff, having fun stuff, caring about people stuff, development stuff, future stuff, awareness stuff, pushing the envelope stuff, kid stuff, not playing it safe stuff… I could go on and on and it’s all Good Stuff! 

I’m stirred up with all this stuff; although it’s its all good stuff, it’s difficult to articulate!

Are you there?  Have you been there?  Are you willing to go there?  Do you need to go there?

Where is there?  This is a confusing post…  BigIsTheNewSmall


Quick Questions?

I have a couple of quick questions that will take you less than a minute.  Please help a brotha’ out and answer these questions.  Those silent and RSS readers, please join in.  Thank you in advance, I’ll go first:

  1. What’s Your Name?
  2. City, State, Country?
  3. Do you have a blog or twitter, if so what’s the blog web address or twitter site address?
  4. When you read blogs, do you primarily go to the site, read through RSS or receive an e-mail?
  5. What church do you attend?

Thanks!  I you are an over-achiever, feel free to share any additional information!


Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back!

mac-and-pc.jpgI have always wondered what the real answer to the question; Which is better, Mac or PC?  I recognize that the answer is probably just a matter of personal preference; however I’m sure many of you have what you consider real answers and serious opinions.  Personally, I don’t have a clue; I have only used PC’s although I have worked with people and have friends who use and live by the Mac Daddy. 

I will admit that Mac has a much cooler name, just think about it: if you put Mac in front of anything it automatically makes it cool:  Mac Daddy, Mac Donald’s, Mac Momma…   I have watched the commercials and heard some of the basic arguments for the Mac vs. PC, such as:

  • A Mac thinks like you do (What does that mean, I don’t know how I think)
  • Mac’s are overrated, you don’t need that extra stuff unless you do music, videos or media
  • Mac’s are too expensive
  • PC’s freeze, crash and burn (ctrl. alt. del.)
  • Mac’s look better
  • Mac’s are not mainstream, not used in schools and not common enough
  • Most computer viruses are written for PC and not Mac
  • PC parts are cheaper and software is more readily available
  • I-phone, I-Pod, Apple… need I say more

All of this information seems to be a lot about nothing; I am personally considering making my next computer purchase a Mac.  I think it might make sense to experience what is supposed to be the Mac Daddy of luxury, as it relates to computers.

What is better Mac or PC?  Why should I or should I not buy a Mac?  Is it true that Once you go Mac, you never go back?

Share your thoughts and let the debating begin!


You Decide '08

Some people say I shouldn’t talk politics on my blog; well I agree… kinda!  Me and a few buddies of mine were recently chatting and asking some “What If” questions; however we didn’t know it was going to lead to all this!  Check out video below:

I don’t care who you vote for; get registered, stay informed and go vote!


Your Church Can Double In One Week!

Do you realize that one of the single most important things that you can do for your church and “The Kingdom” is to invite someone to church. I think that we often times overlook and under-appreciate the strategy of invite-a-friend.

I know this sounds simple, but allow it to marinate… If every person would bring at least one new person to church with them this week, every church would double in size in one week. A certain percent of those individuals would return the next week and more and more people would get the opportunity to hear The Gospel.

One of the reasons the n-dub grew so much in year one (0 to over 3k) is because the people, the staff and I are so fired up to invite someone… and I will keep beating the invite-a-friend drum as long as I’m the Campus Pastor. I have asked the following question several times of our entire campus: “By a show of hands, how many of you ended up at LifeChurch.tv or our campus as a result of someone inviting you?” Everytime I ask this question almost every person in the room raises their hand including myself… Need I say more!

The last time I checked there are plenty of people who don’t know Christ: friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, the lady at Starbucks, the guy at the gym, the man at the gas station, that teacher, that person at the bus stop, the lady at the grocery store, that coach, that homeless man on the corner, those teammates, the mailman, the daughter who ran off…

Stop talking about and be about it!

When was the last time you invited or brought someone to church?

Thoughts on invite-a-friend?

Pardon the formatting, my Blackberry is not being friendly.


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    Learn How To Dribble!

    While my oldest son was at basketball camp last week; I was reminded of what I have always felt is the most important Leadership Principle. The coach told all the campers that the most important things that they can do is to learn how to dribble, pass, play defense and shoot. He said not only learn how to do them, but do them well. He informed the campers that those skills are going to matter most in the future and he also said the only reason they play games during camp is because that’s what the campers like to do. “If you don’t learn the basics of dribbling, passing, defense and shooting; you will never be great in a game.”

    I find this to be so true with ministry leadership and leadership in general. Leaders want to move so quickly to the game, the tournament and the championship without taking care of the fundamentals. They want the cool lights, the pretty bulletins, the technology, the growth, the recognition, the momentum and the successes of other ministries/teams.

    What has to happen, is ministry leaders need to “Learn How To Dribble” and take care of the basics: putting God first, caring about people, developing/implementing systems, developing leaders, impacting the community, developing a healthy staff culture, did I mention truly caring about people, attention to details, mission focussed, casting bold clear vision and keeping “changed lives” as the main thing.

    Once we “Learn How To Dribble” and are extremely competent at the fundamentals, then we can be ready for game speed. You will never make the varsity, college or NBA without learning how to dribble; no matter if its ministry or any other industry.

    Have you experienced situations where growth was inhibited do to the fundamentals not being taken care of; or vice versa?



    How Was Your Weekend?

    I think the most popular monday morning question for people to ask is “How Was Your Weekend?”

    So that’s what we are going to do this Monday Morning is answer that question. I will go first (this is being posted from my blackberry so excuse typos and formating):
    The weekend was amazing for me in South Florida. The Flamingo Road Church staff are some of the most hospitable folks that I have met, they have really taken care of me and my family. The people at the chuch were kind, receptive to the message, and people gave their lives to Christ. To think that I get paid to do this… God is Good all the time.

    How was your weekend? The good, the bad and the ugly!


    Headed to The Sunshine State!

    My family and I are leaving bright and early in the morning to fly to the Sunshine State; Ft. Lauderdale Florida to be exact.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach the weekend at Flamingo Road Church; as well as spending some time with their Campus Pastors and other Leaders.  I enjoy visiting, strategizing, sharing, pouring into and learning from others; especially other leaders.  Pastor Troy has done an amazing job of leading a multi-site church in South Florida where the population is 91%-96% unchurched. 

    The first half of the trip will be extremely focussed for me; however since we are staying on the beach, I’m sure that’s where my wife/boys will be hanging.  I will get to enjoy some family vacation time during the second half of our trip.

    If you are not busy this weekend; you can check me out on Flamingo’s Internet Campus.  Don’t forget that it’s week 2 of At the Movies at LifeChurch.tv, I can’t tell you what movie it is; however I can tell you that it’s a good one.  Scott Rodgers will be holding the fort down for me at the n-dub.

    • Anyone out there from Florida?  Any must see’s or must do’s in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Beach area?
    • Are you vacationing this summer? If so, Where?
    • Who or what are you currently learning from?

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