Stretchy Pants

stretchy-pants.jpgIf you have seen the movie Nacho Libre, you will find the title of this post comical, if not I still urge you to continue reading because this post is serious.  If you exercise on a regular basis or have ever played sports, you have always been told the importance of stretching before you get started.  The following are some reasons that stretching is important: keeping muscles supple, increasing range of motion of joints, enhancing flexibility, improving coordination, increasing body temperature and heart rate, increasing blood flow to muscles and preventing injuries.  This same importance of being stretched applies to to our personal lives as well; if we want to improve and increase then we must willing to be stretched.  With that thought in mind, answer the following question:  Who or what is stretching you?  Your answer should include but not be limited to the following: God’s Word, mentors, blogs, business partners, books, pastors, friends, spouses, co-workers, coaches…… The bottom line is if you are not being stretched then you are setting yourself up for injury.  Don’t settle for status quo; find someone or something to stretch you daily.  Give it your ALL daily, ASK LISTEN LEARN! 

Share your thoughts, “Who or what is stretching you?”


Growth to Great

good-to-great.jpgWe just came off of an amazing weekend at the NW Oklahoma City Campus of LifeChurch.tv.  We have been open for a little over four months, and we are currently experiencing some serious growth.  This past weekend our campus had the highest attendance that we’ve seen since Easter, with nearly 2,300 people in attendance.   This is exciting for many reasons; the more people that come through our doors equals more opportunities for God to change their lives.  Not only are we experiencing numerical growth, but we are also experiencing a season of growth in relationships and attention to all of the intricate details that make a campus tick.   We still have a long way to go!

There is an awesome book by Jim Collins entitled “Good To Great” in which Collins discusses how some organizations make the leap from Good to Great and why others don’t.   I believe the simple answer is that organizations and people go from Good to Great through Growth.  Growth is one of those words that can be really underrated in my opinion.  If we examine our lives, marriages, jobs, ministries…. and ask ourselves the question “How do I/we obtain greatness?”   The answer will always be through growth, and below are a few steps to begin the process of Growth to Great: 

  1. Identify the areas that need growth
  2. Seek God for the vision of greatness and fully embrace it
  3. Be Patient! Embrace the pain of positive growth areas and Endure the pain of areas of struggle
  4. Be willing to embrace a potential “Vision Shift” and Seth Godin’s concept in the book “The Dip”

What are some areas of your life, job or ministry that need to go from Growth to Great?   Share your thoughts.   


"Unleash Me"

kid-leash.jpgI would like to thank everyone who has been checking out this blog on a regular basis.  BigIsTheNewSmall has only been up for less than two months and there is starting to be some significant traffic, which is cool.  You keep reading, share the site with your friends and I’ll keep writing; however it would be great if you would comment, so that I can get to know you.  I thought I would make this Friday’s post a little more light-hearted and share something that really irritates me.   

If you look at the picture in this blog you will see the child-leash harness looking thing.  You know exactly what I’m talking about, you have seen those moms and some dad’s in public walking around the mall, amusement parks, grocery stores, the park…. with their child on a leash.  Give me a break, is it just me or is that ridiculous?  Those children always have that look on their face, as if to say “Unleash Me.”  For the Love…. if you are one of those parents who put your child on a leash, please stop and just put them in a stroller.  The next time you see a parent with their child on a leash, simply look at the parent and yell “Unleash Me.” J The parent might get irritated, but who cares they are already irritating their child and the rest of the world.  If you are one of those parents and you are reading this post, may I just say “Bless Your Heart.” 

Does this irritate you?  What areas of your life are saying “Unleash Me?” Share your thoughts.



You Pile of Dirt

dirt.JPGWe are currently in the middle of this life changing series entitled 30 Days to Live www.30daystolive.tv.  This series has really challenged many people, including myself.  The bottom line is that when you are making decisions about what to do and not to do in your life you can ask yourself two questions:

  1. Will this matter 100 years from now?
  2. What would you do, or not do if you only had 30 days to live?

These are tough questions that really put life into perspective.  As we go through life and accumulate things, money, resources, titles…… we must come to the realization that none of those things matter.  I was driving through my neighborhood and I saw the pile of dirt pictured in this blog.  I thought this was a perfect visual for all of the things that we tend to cherish so much and spend so much time accumulating.  At the end of the day those things are no more than a pile of dirt.  I’m not saying that it’s ridiculous to accumulate things; I’m simply saying that in the “Big Picture” of life, and the Small amount of time that we have on this earth, those things do not matter.  The only things that matter are your relationships: relationships with friends, family, spouses, neighbors, Christ…….  Are you spending so much time focusing on your pile of dirt that you are neglecting your most prized possessions? Relationships!

Don’t get so focussed on your Big meaningless pile of dirt, that you forgett about the seemingly Small but ever so important relationships.  BigIsTheNewSmall


Fear of Failure

failure.jpgFailure is a very common fear that we all face at different times in our lives.  This fear is often paralyzing and inhibits you from reaching your maximum potential.  It is important to understand that you will fail, I will fail and your biggest hero on this earth will fail.  You must embrace the fact that failure is an inevitable event, rather than you being a pitiful person.  Once you understand this premise, and welcome the fact that failure is part of your personal development, you will then be given permission to fail…. and fail often.  I have a history of trying new things, pushing the envelope, questioning everything and failing.  My supervisors/mentors and I have always had the understanding that I will try new things, they may have to correct my course at times, I will learn from my mistakes and this process will repeat itself.  Our understanding gives me permission to be innovative, permission to fail and permission to “Be Me.” These events generally lead to a high level of competence and a high level of success.  The more you fail, the more calculated your risks will become and remember “It doesn’t matter what happens to you, but rather what happens through you.”  Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda never Dida! 

Do you fear failure?  What risks do you need to take?

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You Oxymoron

Here are 10 Oxymoron’s for your reading pleasure, please share yours. 

  • Casual Sex
  • Doing Nothing
  • Pretty Ugly
  • Small Crowd
  • Christian Evolutionist
  • Income Tax
  • Science Fiction
  • Waste Management
  • Act Naturally
  • Butt Head

No More School Clothes

My eight year old son Wesley returns to school today and he’s going to be in the third grade.  It’s always a big family outing to go shopping for school clothes and school supplies; however this year we decided to do things differently.  My wife had the chore of taking our sons to get school clothes and I had the responsibility of getting the school supplies.  This was great for everyone because I can get impatient with going to all the different stores and walking around the mall.  Also, whenever I do go shopping with the family, I always seem to ask the question “No, how much does it cost?”  The bottom line is that my wife is much better at picking out some cool threads for the kids and has the patience to make school clothes shopping fun.  On the other hand, it was nice for me take the boys school supply shopping, because all we had to do was get the items on the list.  I let the boys get whatever kind of folder, supply box, pencils, glue and markers they wanted.  The hardest thing was the lunch pails, my oldest son ended up with a race car theme and my youngest son got Little Einstein’s.  I have decided that there will be No More School Clothes shopping for me, that is now officially my wife’s role and I will gladly take the role of shopping for the school supplies.  We should have made this change sooner; it would have saved our family some time, energy and grief.  

What tasks do you need to delegate?  What roles do you and your spouse need to clearly delineate?  What has God placed on your heart, for you to take off your plate?  Share your thoughts.      

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My Secret

This was the promo video for a series that we did last year at LifeChurch.tv entitled My Secret. We had launched a website that would allow individuals to share their secrets online. I decided to check see if the site was still active and not only is it active but secrets are being shared on a daily basis. This is a great tool for that first step towards honesty, openness and transparency. Check it out at www.mysecret.tv!


Whyway 2

  • question-mark.jpg

  • Why does snooze only last 9 minutes?

  • Why does printer ink and toner cost so much?
  • Why don’t college athletes get paid?
  • Why do humans drink cow’s milk?
  • Why don’t we mix religion and politics?
  • Why do the school supply lists have so many items?
  • Why is St. Louis, MO the most dangerous city in the US?
  • Why did presidential candidate John Edwards pay $400 for a haircut?
  • Why is the Republican symbol an elephant and the Democrat symbol a donkey?
  • Why do people pay to sit in first class, is the meal really that good and are the people really that important?

Get Rid of Church Members

I have been in full-time ministry with LifeChurch.tv for going on two years now. I have recently come to the conclusion that it’s time to get rid of church members. I had this epiphany as my team, a Starbucks manager, and the principal of an impoverished elementary school were meeting to talk about our upcoming endeavors. As we visited, the manager made reference to the role of Starbucks partners.  When I asked for clarification, she stated that partner is the new term used to refer to a Starbucks employee. This just further confirms for me how ingenious Starbucks is. It now refers to every individual who makes our coffee experience amazing as partner. Though this is a subtle shift, I believe it will have lasting results.   It’s time for us to get rid of our church members and make them our ministry partners.  When we empower the people who walk through our doors to be partners, it increases their sense of commitment and ownership. I consistently meet volunteers who feel the need to be frequently reminded of the importance of their contribution. Allowing the Church to be our ministry partners reinforces the importance of everyone’s contribution to the mission. Personally, I have several memberships – to clubs, gyms, organizations, Netflix – in which I ask the question, “How can you benefit me?” I have only a few partnerships in which I ask the question, “What can we do daily together to achieve our desired mission?” Read the definitions below, and then ask yourself this question: Do we need to get rid of church members and begin to develop ministry partners? 

member – a person, animal, plant group, etc., that is part of a society, party, community, taxon, or other body. 

partner – a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor; associate; a husband or a wife; spouse.   

Ministries around the country are evolving, changing, becoming more relevant; it’s now time get rid of the dated idea of having church members and instead develop ministry partners.

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