Interview with RightNow 2012 Speaker – Tim Ross #rn12

Here is a quick interview with my man Tim Ross at #RN12 in Dallas. I absolutely love this dude, his heart, preaching… Awesome man of God. Check out the video an hear Tim’s thoughts on where Ambition comes from.


PlanetShakers – Limitless (Official Music Video)

Check out this awesome new Music Video and Film Clip from the amazing PlanetShakers ministry out of Australia. This video of the title track “Limitless” is from their new album that releases in January, 2013.

These guys do an outstanding job of connecting to the hearts of people through their church, music and conferences. Forming for the first Planetshakers Conference in 1997, Australian Christian Worship band, Planetshakers is passionate to see generations worldwide unite together to worship God. Their heart is to see people encounter God, be transformed by his presence and empowered to make a difference in their world. They will be hosting their first US conference in San Diego – Jan. 17-19. It’s going to be a great time for leaders, pastors, worship leaders and anyone who wants to have an encounter with God. The great thing is the conference is only $75.

Hailing originally from Adelaide, the Planetshakers Band is now based in Melbourne at Planetshakers City Church, under the leadership of Senior Pastors Russell and Sam Evans.

With over 20 internationally acclaimed albums, the band tour annually to the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Since 1997, the band has grown substantially with two teams now traveling the globe regularly.

Watch the video, share your thoughts and please share the video with your friends…


Jen Hatmaker — RightNow #RN12

Jen Hatmaker – Speaker, Author, Blogger… Austin, TX  @JenHatmaker

Thoughts, observations and quotes.

  • My girl @JenHatmaker just took the stage.
  • Jen Hatmaker is a gifted storyteller and has the audience laughing.
  • Realized their church was Serving the Saved and Blessing the Blessed. (had to change)
  • Failure is a fantastic teacher… I am rich!
  • Consumerism is a cancer to missional community… it will destroy it from the inside out.
  • If we develop a church bent toward serving the saved, blessed people will come to get more blessings.
  • If we are positioned to reach Christians… Christians we will reach.
  • Live It or you have no hope of leading it.
  • Leaders, If we asked people to imitate us, they would spend all day in meetings and preparing sermons.
  • The church right now is losing about 150,000 people per week. Leaving the back door and not returning.
  • .@Jenhatmaker just said “Don’t tweet that Jen Hatmaker said leadership is dead.
  • Heaps of well spoken theology only impresses people that are “in” to that sort of thing.
  • If we commit our lives to the most vulnerable people in our cities, we can say “Follow me, as I follow Jesus.”
  • May God use us in awesome, great, scandalous ways.

Jen was very cool, calm, collected, polished, direct, clear and challenging.

Be bold and give us wisdom to raise up amazing faith communities.

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Tim Ross – RightNow 2012 #RN12

Tim Ross – Associate Pastor, Gateway Church Dallas, TX   TimRoss.org

  • Stepped on the stage, asked everyone to grab hands and commanded the room with a conference culture setting prayer.
  • Holy Spirit help us to surrender… Amen ~Tim Ross
  • Ambition comes from the heart of man, it doesn’t come from God. ~Tim Ross
  • God gives you a burden… not ambition. ~Tim Ross
  • Sometimes we can have a list of things to do for God that He never said he wanted to do through us. ~Tim Ross
  • I believe God said, I have a list of things to do and has called each of us to do certain things. ~Tim Ross
  • Ambition is something that has to be stamped out in order for God’s will to be stamped in. ~Tim Ross
  • It’s not just dying to flesh, it’s about dying to what you want to do. ~Tim Ross
  • Good things are 1 o’s too many from being God things. ~Tim Ross
  • You have a list of things that you want to get done… Have you run those things by God? ~Tim Ross
  • Do you know what you want for your life? His Will! Do you know what you don’t want for your life? Yours! ~Tim Ross
Tim delivered a very thoughtful message of what it means to truly surrender. It’s not about us, it’s not about ambition, it’s about His Will.

Closed with prayer and asking the question… What did God speak to you today.  
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First World Problems ((Video))

This video explains the types of First World Problems that exist. If you don’t believe me just glance through your twitter stream, better yet simply glance through your tweets. 🙂

I know the folks that lead the organization that put this video together and they are truly making a difference and bringing clean water and hope to those that desperately need it.

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Leadership Lessons From Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys

If you watch NFL or at-least watch the news you are familiar with America’s Team… The Dallas Cowboys. More importantly you are familiar with the Owner/General Manager of the Cowboys Mr. Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones is the Leader, General Manager, Operator and Part-Time Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He has always been known for being on the sidelines, being overly engaged, not always knowing what he’s doing and having lots of ca$h to throw around. He has so much cash that he spent $1.3 billion on the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys have gotten off to another rough start this year. They have been plagued with injuries, inconsistent QB play from Tony Romo and what appears to be ineptness of controversial hire, Head Coach Jason Garrett. Needless to say the Cowboys are 3-5 and the Leader of it all, “Mr. Jerry Jones” isn’t happy.

The term “Leader” carries a great deal of responsibility. Once a person obtains the title of Leader, they also get the bonus baggage of “The bucks stops with me!”  No matter how you slice, sugarcoat, twist, manipulate or make excuses for organizational outcomes; the bottom line is that “It’s All Your Fault!”

Leaders are generally comfortable carrying the “It’s All Your Fault” tag when their team, area or organization is experiencing success, their team is winning and people are patting them on the back about how nice their stadium is. When things take a turn for the worse, wins are hard to come by and “Big Mo” has left the building; the excuses will begin to roll like the Alabama Crimson Tide. Speaking of Crimson Time, they could probably beat the Dallas Cowboys and Nick Saban could definitely out-coach Jason Garett. Saban might be on the short list of phone calls Jerry Jones will make at the end of the season.  Stop with the excuses, stop blaming your team and look in the mirror, because “It’s All Your Fault!”

Sometimes it may not seem fair for the leader to take all of the blame, as they don’t have control over every decision that others make. There are simply too many variables that are out of their control. Leadership is not about fairness, and the responsibility nature of it is just part of the game. Jerry Jones is responsible, your boss is responsible, your pastor is responsible, Steve Jobs was responsible… the leader is responsible — win or lose, it’s their fault.

I remember having a conversation with a leader who had dotted line responsibility for one of the team leaders under my tutelage. They asked me the following question about this particular team leader, “Is so-and-so’s area successful because of their leadership or in spite of their leadership?” My answer was, absolutely because of that particular leader and not in spite of. If things were failing and falling apart it wouldn’t be in spite of that particular leader. It’s a two-way street.

Dear Leaders, if your organization is failing, people are leaving, people are not being developed, people are not growing, people are unhappy, leaders are not rising to the top, momentum is long gone and you can’t seem to spell suczcess. “It’s All Your Fault!” If things are great and success is happening, enjoy the season because “It’s All Your Fault!”

There is no need to complain about the outcomes, just embrace the reality.  Next time your boss starts complaining and making excuses, simply look them in the eyes and say “It’s All Your Fault!” Keep in mind, just because it’s their fault doesn’t mean they won’t pull a Donald Trump on you and look you in the eyes and say, “You’re Fired!”

Speaking of being fired, Jerry Jones the Owner was asked the question about would he fire Jerry Jones the Manager and he said yes. He also recognized the difficulty of being the man that makes all of the decisions. In an interview Jones said, “I have always worked for myself and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. But certainly, if I’d had the discretion, I’ve done it with coaches and certainly I would have changed a general manager.”

The person who complains about the way the ball bounces, is likely the one who dropped it. ~Lou Holtz

A leadership lesson from Jerry Jones is this… It’s Your Fault!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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Your Temper Is A Knife and You Hold The Blade

Temper, Temper, Temper, Temper…

I am inspired to write a post this morning about the affects of a bad temper after my son’s football game last night. It was an amazing 2 hr. and 10 minute, triple overtime epic battle 9 year old’s that resulted in a loss for our team. During the 3rd overtime one of our players that is known to have a temper, totally lost his temper. The result was him being rejected from the game.

This young man has played with my son on several other teams, so I had a relationship with him. I sat on the sidelines and talked to him about his temper and control. I encouraged him to use his “passion” in a positive manner, talked about alternative ways to behave and talked about how tempers generally hurt the person with the temper more than it does anyone else.

“Your temper is a knife that you hold by the blade.”

I don’t know how many leaders, bosses, husbands, wives, public figures, athletes, kids… that have been taken out because they are holding the blade of a nasty temper. We can try to point children in a different direction, call their behavior passion in order to find a positive spin and help them to get it under control. Adults on the other hand must take responsibility and put down the knife. If they don’t put the knife down now, it will only snowball into a huge machete that can no longer be hidden and it will cut them every time they turn around.

Your temper will take you out You are going to take yourself out if you don’t let go of your temper.

Share your thoughts, experiences and observations on the negative repercussions of a temper and your thoughts on the knife analogy.


James Harden, Sacrifice and Leadership

Once the dust settled I became a little more okay with the James Harden trade from my Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets. I basically had to settle on, “It is, what it is!” The trade created lots of great discussions for the City Of Oklahoma City, The Thunder, The NBA, Value and Leadership.

There were some one one side of the spectrum that thought Harden should have just conceded and took the deal that the Thunder offered ($53 million over 4 years). Harden and the Thunder were off about 1.25 million per year.  There were others on the other end of the spectrum that thought the Thunder should have just ponied up and gave Harden what he was asking for. You only get a few opportunities to make a run at an NBA Championship and Harden is the most popular visible figure on the Thunder roster second to Kevin Durant. Conclusion – The Thunder gave Harden hour to make a decision and the end result was a trade of Harden to the Houston Rockets.

Often times when it comes to leadership, roles, contributions and value organizations and leaders like to play the sacrifice card. Harden should sacrifice to be a part of a winning team. Harden should sacrifice, it’s just a few million dollars. Harden should sacrifice, look what Ginoboli did for the Spurs. Harden should sacrifice, he’s not even a starter. “You have to sacrifice, we sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.” I’ve seen it in every type of organization that you can imagine.

Speaking of sacrifice, Harden kicked off his Debut with the Rockets last night and he went “Beast Mode” as the young folks say. With only two practices under his belt, The Bearded One dropped 37 points, 12 assists, six rebounds, four steals, and a block. Harden is only the 4th player in NBA history to do so. You might ask, “Who are the other 3?” Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Dwyane Wade… that’s some pretty good company in your debut as a starter.

When it comes to sacrifice, maybe the real sacrifice was James Harden gracefully coming in off the bench and contributing everything he had as the 6th man for the Thunder. Maybe the real sacrifice was Harden taking the 3rd role seat when clearly he’s a first role player. Maybe sacrifice was playing Robin’s little brother, when clearly he’s a Batman. Maybe sacrifice was playing for less money, when he clearly could have gotten more.

Check out the highlights from Harden’s debut game last night… they are very telling. James Harden is not only a Super Star; he’s a Super Star that makes his teammates better. Oh and Harden’s deal with the Houston Rockets $80 million over 5 year$. When you watch the highlight video, you will hear the announcers keep screaming that $80 million dollars is a value.

I agree, $80 million is a value and I believe we have to be careful when we throw around the word sacrifice because it’s really difficult to know what those around us are sacrificing and it’s also hard to truly assess someone’s value, worth, contribution and sacrifice to your organization and your team.

James Harden, Sacrifice and Leadership.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts on this post and Harden’s debut.



10 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Make A Positive Impact

Twitter continues to grow and be a major source of news and connection for millions of people. I remember in they early days when everyone thought it was no more than a fad. Twitter has definitely moved past the fad stage and you can’t turn on your radio or television without someone sharing their twitter handle. The same is true for all print materials and other forms of advertisements.

Twitter has many great uses and one of them is the fact that it can be used to make a difference. The great thing about Twitter making a difference is that fact that it’s not Twitter at all, it’s the people. That’s right you and I along with everyone else that has a Twitter account are the ones that have the ability to make a difference.

10 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Make A Positive Impact

  • 1.  Share A Quote:  There is something about quotes that seem to have a profound impact on people and the way they think. Take a quote that’s somewhere in the 120 character range and the impact is elevated to an even higher level, and it’s definitely more memorable. The great thing about quotes is the fact that people love to retweet them and share them. Quotes have multiplication power, due to the fact that every quote speaks to each individual differently. Here is a recent leadership quote that I shared that will speak differently to everyone who reads it: “Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.” – Vince Lombardi
  • 2. Share Scripture: It’s always great to get nuggets of the living, breathing word of God in the world of Twitter. It’s also nice to learn and connect with what other individuals, leaders, pastors and organizations are reading. Not only can I share Bible verses that I’m reading, I can read countless other Bible verses in my timeline throughout the day. In case you didn’t know, Twitter Is In The Bible.
  • 3. Share The Good Stuff: By the good stuff, I’m referring to deals, favorites, coupons, promotions, groupons, retweet-this-win-this, things that can benefit others…  You know what I’m talking about, The Good Stuff.
  • 4. Share Pictures: We’ve all heard the modern use of the old phrase “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words.” That phrase stems from an article by Fred R. Barnard in Printers’ Ink, promoting the use of images that appeared on the sides of streetcars. The December 1921 issue had an ad entitled, “One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words.” When it comes to sharing pics on twitter there are many photo sharing services popping up and twitter’s version of this old phrase is more like: “A picture is worth 1,000 thoughts, 1,000 views, 1,000 retweets…” The bottom line is all of the family pics., random moments, food pics, life moments, children pics., timeless moments etc. all can impact our day in a positive way. A picture is worth more than 140 characters.
  • 5. Share Your Thoughts: This really gets back to the Twitter basics. The original Twitter question that twitter asked for your status update was, What are you doing?  It has now evolved to a more appropriate question, What’s happening? Somewhere in between those two questions is the question of, What are you thinking? Humans have thousands of thoughts per day and those thoughts can have and impact on our friends in the Twittersphere. Those thoughts can make you laugh, cry, shout, scream and even make you think. For instance, comedian Michael Jr. @MichaelJrComedy tweeted this over the weekend: It’s cold at this soccer game! I know a grown man shouldn’t say this n public, but… I wish I had a snuggie. That made me laugh and smile.  Yesterday, my family and I were in the car listening to an old gospel song “I’m Just A Nobody” by the Williams brothers.  The entire family was singing the lyrics, laughing, worshiping, ad-libbing and having a good ol’ time. The chorus got stuck in my head, so I shared it on Twitter. Here is the chorus,  “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody!” That thought was retweeted over 100 times and counting.  It’s guaranteed that the truth of those lyrics made a difference in someone’s life.
  • 6. Share Words Of Encouragement: Public words of encouragement and/or retweets with a nice message at the end can go a long way. I say encourage and encourage often. Encourage others and challenge those that follow you to encourage others. Encouragement is the fuel that propels you down the road of success.
  • 7. Share Great Information: Whether it’s the latest trend, newest technology release, a great book, an inspiring Seth Godin article, a Mashable find, the latest fashion trends, questions about a product, a great place to dine in a particular city or the recent release of the College Football BCS results, Twitter is definitely one of the best places to gather and share information.
  • 8. Share A Cause: On a daily basis I’m either reading or sharing information about a great cause or charity. Twitter makes it simple for us to be helpful to those who are trying to reach a fundraising goal, get information out about a great cause or share information about a movement. The students at Penn State used Twitter as a tool to promote their “Blue Out” event at this weekends football game against Nebraska. The stadium was filled with blue in honor of and in order to bring awareness to the epidemic that is the abuse of children.
  • 9. Share Breaking News: Twitter is a great source to share breaking news…  You can almost guarantee that Twitter will be the 1st or at the latest 2nd place for breaking news. The death of Michael Jackson was trending on Twitter before the major news outlets could even catch up. The ultimate breaking news from twitter was from the Abbottabad man who unknowingly tweeted the raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden. His initial tweet was this: “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” 
  • 10. Share Your Lives: I am a huge believer in genuine face to face relationships; however I have embraced the tremendous value of Twitter and Social Media relationships. Social Media relationships are making the world smaller and smaller. This Big ol’ World is getting Smaller and Smaller, One Tweet, Comment and One Post at a time.  It’s always important to remember the Social Part of the word Social Media. Social is defined as — The inclination to seek out or enjoy the company of others; sociable.  Twitter is a great place to share your life and connect with the lives of others.
Is Twitter Making A Positive Impact?  Share your thoughts and experiences with How Twitter Can Make A Positive Impact.
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Sam Presti Talks About James Harden Trade

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