Not Knowing Where The Limit Lies

I’m at the airport right now for a really long layover due to the fact that my flight which was originally scheduled for 6:50 a.m. was cancelled due to weather in Dallas. By weather I believe they are referring to fog, frozen fog and ice.  Not exactly sure what frozen fog is, but that’s what they were reporting at the counter.

I am headed for a television appearance in Atlanta and now I will have really tight connections.  I decided to have them pull my bag and go back through security so I could grab my clothes, just in case my connection is too close for comfort.  Sometimes things are out of your control and you simply have to go with the flow.

While sitting here, I was reading through some of my old favorite quotes for some inspiration and I ran across this oldie but goodie from Mr. Nunchucks Bruce Lee.  I have self-titled this quote: Not Knowing Where The Limit Lies.   I hope it inspires, encourages and blesses you!

“I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude.”

~Bruce Lee

Share your thoughts on this quote.


3 Words To Describe Nicki Minaj’s #Grammy Performance

Shortly after Nicki Minaj’s Confusing, Crazy, Weird (insert your adjective) Grammys performance I decided to ask the Twitter community what they thought about the performance.  I tweeted this tweet:

“Give me a 3 word or less description of Nicki Minaj’s performance. Your responses will be a blogpost. #grammys

In just a couple of minutes I received what appeared to be hundreds of responses.  Not sure how many it was but it was too many to cut and paste.

So let’s try this, just leave a comment stating your thoughts of Nicki Minaj’s performance in 3 words or less.  


Top 5 Travel Tools

Throughout my 38 years on this earth I’ve had a number of seasons where my travel schedule was, well let’s just say heavier than others.  Over the last few years that schedule has increased drastically and in the last year it’s super-crazy.  When you are a consultant and speaker, super-crazy is actually a good thing, so I’m definitely grateful.

I get to travel around and work with some of the most amazing churches, non-profits, organizations and brands in the country.  One thing I have come to recognize is this: If you are going to travel, you should always have some great travel tools and systems in your toolbox.  I have come up with a list of my Top 5 Travel Tools.

1. Tripit Pro – This is by far my favorite travel tool.  Tripit Pro is like having a personal assistant that has inside information from every aspect of the airlines and airport.  I will try to sum up this tool in a few sentences and I’ll share some key features.  You can get regular Tripit for FREE and Tripit Pro is $49.  (It’s worth every penny)

Tripit Pro – Scans my email and automatically adds any confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, rental cars etc. to my account.  I have my wife and my Executive Assistant added to my account so they can always be aware of my itinerary or changes to my itinerary.

A couple of key Things I like about Tripit Pro is the fact that it will text me just prior to 24hrs. before my flight and let me know it’s almost time to check-in.  The day of my flight I get a reminder text of my flight number, gate information and any applicable changes, delays and cancellations.  Speaking of changes, I’m not sure how they do it but Tripit Pro always notifies me of flight changes before the airlines.

As soon as I land, I receive connecting gate information via text, even if my flight is early. (No more checking terminal screens or listening to flight attendants talk about connecting gates).  Another feature that generally pays for the cost of Tripit Pro is the fare reduction notification feature.  If there is a drop in fares from your original purchase, Tripit will let you know.  You can simply call the airline and get a credit for the difference.

One last feature is a tracking mechanism for all of your travel accounts.  I have my entire airlines; hotel and car rental rewards accounts and point totals in one location.

I could go on and on, this is by far the #1 travel tool.

2. Waze Waze is the best iPhone GPS App on the market and it’s free. I would definitely pay for this app. I have used several awesome paid GPS apps; however I have really come to appreciate Waze.  Waze is a very easy to use voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation app. When you download Waze, you not only get a free traffic & navigation app, but also become part of the local driving community in your area, joining forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time, and improve your travel or daily commute.

After you enter your destination, as you are driving you can participate in the driving community with the touch of one button to notify the app and community of traffic jams, police speed traps, accidents, speed cameras, hazardous road issues, map issues and more.

3. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes – I use various sizes and types of the Eagle Creek Pouches.  I am able to maximize space by putting my t-shirts, underwear, socks, jeans, shirts etc. into these cubes.  I even use some of these pouches to pack up cords and other things.  I also use some of the travel sacs, no matter what you use, their packing and travel tools are all great additions to your travel repertoire.

4. iPad 2 –  I don’t really need to give a lot of detail to this tool because it speaks for itself.  I use my iPad to:

  • Speak from (embed my notes into pages)
  • Read books
  • Watch movies
  • Face-time over wifi with my family both with in-flight wifi and at the hotel
  • Capture thoughts
  • Write blogposts
  • Create keynote presentations
  • The list goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny

The iPad is a must have travel tool.

5. Beats By Dre StudioOutside of having some gum on hand to make sure your ears don’t clog up or pop while in the altitude, having some good headphones is a must.  I have several good in-ear headphones; however I have come to appreciate having the fully enclosed Beats By Dre Studio noise canceling headphones.  It cancels all of the noise from babies, jets, wind and overall airplane and airport noise.  Additionally you can listen to your favorite movie or favorite artists with unimpeded clarity.

I have a number of other travel tools that I will share in the future.  For now these are my Top 5.

What are your top travel tools?  Share your thoughts and experiences on any of these Top 5 Travel Tools.


Satan’s Assassin See’s The Light

I was sitting at a little coffee shop in Oklahoma City and saw my buddy Michael Leehan. Mike has a crazy story of redemption and he shares an even crazier story of his life of darkness and God’s saving grace in his book, Ascent From Darkness.

The above video is a recent news story shares a glimpse of his story, all the way down to the details of his plans to kill LifeChurch.tv Pastor Craig Groeschel.

Check out the story and share your thoughts.


Don’t Have a Grandson With A Dog Collar

This is one of the funniest commercials ever…  The sad thing is there is some degree of truth to this commercial.  Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar.

Share your thoughts on this commercial.  Is it good, bad, ugly or somewhere in between? 


God Is Above Politics!

Step Out Of The Traffic

God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.  We stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom, courageous in seastorm and earthquake, Before the rush and roar of oceans, the tremors that shift mountains. Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God of angel armies protects us.

River fountains splash joy, cooling God’s city, this sacred haunt of the Most High.  God lives here, the streets are safe, God at your service from crack of dawn.  Godless nations rant and rave, kings and kingdoms threaten, but Earth does anything he says.

Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God of angel armies protects us.

Attention, all! See the marvels of God! He plants flowers and trees all over the earth, Bans war from pole to pole, breaks all the weapons across his knee. “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God of angel armies protects us. ~Psalm 46:1-11 MSG

Step Out Of The Traffic & See The Marvels Of God… He’s Above Politics, Above Everything.

You Must Be Willing To Risk Something

If you want something great in life you must be willing to risk something.

Risk is defined asexposure to the chance of injury or loss; a dangerous chance. To act in spite of the possibility of loss or undesirable outcome.

If you are not achieving greatness, reaching your dreams or failing, there is a high probability that you are not taking enough risks.  It’s time for you to reach your potential, it’s time for you to start taking some risks.

“The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.” ~Leo Buscaglia

Do you think there is a correlation between risk and success?  Share your thoughts on the unwillingness of people to take risks.


Twitter Proves To Be Ultimate #SuperBowl Fill-In

Even prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI, Twitter proved to be the ultimate fill-in. By fill-in, I’m referring to the fact that Twitter served as the great bridge for time and space. It didn’t matter whether you were an emphatic fan or the casual observer simply looking forward to the Super Bowl commercials, Twitter provided instant and on-going engagement.

Whether it was the New England wide-receiver Tiquan Underwood ( @TiUnderwood ) who was cut on Super Bowl eve sharing his game thoughts, @mashable hosting a live Super Bowl commercial chat or the millions of others who were joining in on some type of Twitter Super Bowl chatter. Bottom line is Twitter was the place to be, share and comment; additionally Twitter doubled as advertisement for the commercials that worked and those that missed the mark.

Twitter has changed the way people view events and the way that people engage culture. It’s the fill-in that provides instantaneous feedback. If you want to know what people really think about Howard Stern being one of the new hosts of America’s Got Talent, simply check your Twitter during the fill-in times. My observations were that most people were not fans. On the other hand, people were fans of the Volkswagen commercial that had some continuation of last year’s Darth Vader commercial.

If you want to know what people thought about Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of the National Anthem or whether or not the 53 year-old Madonna still has “It,” all you had to do was check twitter. People were able to fill-in their time with thoughts with everything ranging from Cee-Lo’s dress-like choir robe to the nun-like robes sported by the rest of the choir. Unfortunately for Madonna, many people had opinions on her performance and her wardrobe malfunction fall that NBC didn’t do a good job of editing out.

Time and space no longer have to be boring, lackluster or uneventful, because Twitter serves as the ultimate fill-in. Twitter continues to prove it’s game changing, news breaking and people connecting ability. Twitter allows people the luxury to think out loud and those thoughts to be shared with people around the globe. If you don’t want to think out loud, you can at least casually observe the thoughts of others.  No matter what you think or how you think, here is some food for thought: According to Tech Crunch, Twitter reportedly received over 10,000 tweets per second during the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl.  That’s what you call filling in a lot of time and space.

My final Super Bowl thought while filling in time and space on Twitter was this, “Tomorrow’s Headline: ‘The Playbook of Eli.’ #superbowl

Is Twitter the ultimate fill-in? Did you use Twitter to fill-in time and space? If so, please share your interactions and observations.


You Must Be Willing To Get Posterized

Posterized A slang term depicting a play in basketball. In said play, a player dunks the ball over top or in front of another player, making a play so picturesque that it may appear on a poster, hence the term, posterized.  (Blake Griffin makes a living out of posertizing NBA players.)

For those of you that follow sports you know that @blakegriffin is a freak of nature and is an ESPN top 10 highlight reel waiting to happen.  I happen to know Blake and his family, as they attended the LifeChurch.tv Campus that I pastored for many years. (casual name drop)

Blake has always had an amazing knack for the rim and ability to finish with a power dunk.  With the recent addition of one of the best point guards and floor generals in the game, Chris Paul, it’s power dunk to the nth degree.  So much so that the LA Clippers arena is nicknamed Lob City because of what Chris Paul combined with DeaAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin can do with the alley-oop.

Recently Blake Griffin did a monster dunk on OKC Thunder Big Man, my man Kendrick Perkins. The dunk has received over 3 million views and counting on YouTube.  You can check it out here.  I personally have seen way more powerful dunks by Blake Griffin than the Kendrick Perkins contested dunk.

The next game after the Big Posterization dunk on Kendrick Perkins, Blake Griffin and the Clippers faced the Utah Jazz.  Every time Blake got close to the rim, players were scurrying like a bunch of scared mice, because they didn’t want to get posterized.  It’s not only happening with Blake Griffin, but often times you will see players vacate the scene because they don’t want to get posterized.

In life or in basketball, if you want to be successful and you want to be a winner you must be willing to get posterized.  Don’t back down from a challenge, a promotion, taking a risk, facing an opponent or contesting one of the most prolific dunkers in the game.  Go after em’, give it what you got and be willing to get posterized.  Kendrick Perkins’ response to the posterization sums up what I’m trying to say, “It happens… At the end of the day, if you’re a shot blocker, you’re going to get dunked on.” At the end of the day if you give it all that you have in life, business, sports etc. you’re going to get dunked on.

The ones that will be successful in the end are the ones that are willing to take a risk, the ones that are willing to get posterized.  That poster is a symbol that you were willing to try and not run away like a scared coward.  I’d much rather have a guy like Kendrick Perkins on my team than these other guys who are running scared.  That timid business is just weak sauce…  no matter the task; give it all that you have.

Our 26th President Theodore Rooselvelt spoke about those that are not willing to get posterized,

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”  ~Theodore Roosevelt

Why is this generation a generation that is unwilling to get posterized?  Share your thoughts on this new generation of cold timid souls.


Ladies, STOP Lusting After Your Pastor

I remember having a conversation with a pastor friend of mine who happens to be a female.  She was sharing the various unique things that women in the church struggle with and things they have confided in her.  One of the things that she shared made me have one of those “hmm” moments.  She stated that women that she’s talked w/ in various churches struggle with the fact that They Think Their Pastor’s Sexy!  Not to be confused with the popular country music song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” Not only do they think their Pastor’s Sexy, but they struggle with their mind and eyes wandering into inappropriate places.  It becomes a challenge because they will have these lustful thoughts as their pastor is speaking. The same can be true for men with a female pastors or lust in general.

Many pastors teach the concept out of the book Every Mans Battle called “Bouncing Your Eyes.” In other words, don’t keep your eyes focused on someone of the opposite sex for too long.   Keeping your eyes moving can keep you out of trouble.  This is something that is stereotypically geared towards guys… but what about the ladies?  There is a book called Every Womans Battle, although I have not heard anything about the content.

After my conversation with my female pastor friend, it’s probably fair for me to make the assumption that there are women sitting in pews and seats of churches all around the country that may be struggling with the inability to “Bounce Their Eyes;”  especially as their eyes are having to be fixated on their “Sexy Pastor,” who happens to be in front of them for relatively lengthy periods of time each and every week.  The fact that their pastor is a man of God, tells great stories and seems to be rather put together only increases the the sexiness factor.

The thoughts running through their head might be something like this: He’s Hot, I like that suit, Are those True Religion Jeans, He’s so spiritual, I wish my husband treated me like that, He’s so Handsome, Nice Hair, He dresses so fly, I can tell he’s been working out, He’s so considerate, I know he’s married but, I would, I wonder if I can share that with him, I bet he… After thinking these thoughts, their mind wanders for a moment or two or three or four and unfortunately, this cycle can repeat itself on a weekly basis.  The Bible says this: ”But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:28  Ladies this passage applies to you as well, so please Stop Lusting After Your Pastor!

God created us with a unique ability to train and control our eyes, actions and mind.  Exercise your ability and gain control.

Do women get a pass? Is this a problem? How does play into the overall adultery scheme of things? Share your thoughts.

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